What is Real-Time Threat Intelligence?

28.06.2019 Read
What is Real-Time Threat Intelligence?

Would you sit back in your chair and do nothing while your systems are under attack? You may be, without even realizing it. Businesses are increasingly finding themselves under cyberattacks carried out by hackers or criminals. However, many of them fail to recognize that they have been attacked until it is too late to do anything. That is why timing is the most essential component of cyber security. Fighting attacks proactively instead of reactively can save your systems and networks. This is where real-time threat intelligence comes in handy.

Why do you need real-time threat intelligence?

With real-time threat intelligence, your business is protected from any internal and external attacks every moment of every day with the help of accurate, targeted and actionable information. Efficiency of a well-implemented real-time threat intelligence can raise up to a point where it can reduce the success of an attack by more than 97%. Moreover, real-time threat intelligence provides live feeds and alerts that illustrates active threats and current security incidents. Thus your security professionals can take immediate action before a security incident does irreversible harm or a hacker attack finalizes in hacker gaining access to the systems or networks of your business. By implementing real-time threat intelligence to your cyber security systems, you give a boost to your business’ cyber defence solutions with information. Going through a massive amount of data momentarily, real-time threat intelligence solutions can discover trends and patterns which are insightful in developing a forward-looking defence strategy. In other words, you can protect your systems today and tomorrow with enhanced, up to date, smart precautions. In addition, real-time threat intelligence equips your cyber security professionals with crucial information, so that they can make informed and better decisions regarding security issues such as which vulnerabilities should be addressed first or how to address them better.

What to look for

As of today, real-time threat intelligence platforms are able to extract data from numerous sources. With the help of deep learning and machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics and such technologies, upper tier platforms can go through an immense amount of information and sort out relevant data in a fast manner without sacrificing clarity. Yet we cannot say that all real-time threat intelligence providers offer equally suitable solutions for your business. When you are out searching, it might be helpful if you look for following points:

  • MDR services that can enhance the capabilities of your in-house cyber security team
  • Access to event data and shared intelligence from organizations that operate in a field similar to your business’
  • Being able to analyse open internet along with certain sections of dark web that is famous for providing means of communication for cyber threat actors

SIEM and real-time threat intelligence

You can enhance your security measures by integrating real-time threat intelligence to your platform since threat intelligence has proven itself as a core element in proactively impeding cyberattacks. When you combine internal intelligence gathered by SIEM with external threat intelligence, your security professionals will be able to achieve a better real-time threat identification and they will be capable of preventing more serious attacks.

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