Threat Intelligence Made Easy

SIEM with built-in TI data feeds

We integrated TI feeds into Logsign to improve Threat Detection and empower your cyber security defense, and we call it Logsign Threat Check Service.

It’s all about being ready and protected against a disaster.

Understand and take control of the chaos by the help of Logsign TCS.

Full understanding of potential and existing threats

Stop wasting time
and resources

Eliminate & decrease
false positives

Protect your assets
and organization

Logsign Threat Check Service

How It Works

     Heightened Awareness
     Threat Assessment
     Risk Management
     Reduced False Positives
     Fast Detection
     Prevent Predicted Attacks

Logsign correlates internal and external data in a behavioral context and produce valuable outcome for, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring and incident response. Agile Business Operations will make you gain the benefits of TI feeds and defence your assets in an intelligent way.

Why we enhanced Logsign SIEM?

   Faster and Better Threat Detection
   Easy Investigation and Alert Prioritization
   Tacking, Awareness and Agile Prevention
   Defining and Managing Risk

TI Data Feeds Built-In Logsign: