10 Best SIEM Use Cases (Part 1)

20.06.2019 Read
10 Best SIEM Use Cases

Due to the sheer scale of challenges cybersecurity threats pose today, an enterprise-level security solution is always necessary for organizations. Is your company facing too many false positives? Are you spending too much time and budget on your corporate cybersecurity posture? Are you worried about vulnerable protocols and misconfigurations? Don’t worry! Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is a centralized security platform that gives security practitioners the fighting chance they deserve to get rid of targeted attacks and data breaches. According to Gartner’s report, “the demand for early detection of data breaches and targeted attacks are driving an expansion of existing and new SIEM deployments.”

In this blog, you will gain an insight into 5 Best SIEM Use Cases and know how these use cases can help organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity defense system.

Use Case 1: Water Hole Attack

One technique that attackers use to trick people is known as the water hole attack. In nature, you find that the predator lying under water such as crocodile always attack when prey comes to quest its thirst.  Likewise, in cyber warfare, the malicious actors anticipate victims to visit a vulnerable website and inject vulnerable code there to trick a visitor. Common victims of a water hole attack are government agencies and large enterprises. Though water hole attacks are sophisticated, SIEM system can find and eliminate water hole attacks at any stage. The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) persistently scans for malware trying to access your company’s website or hack your critical systems.

Use Case 2: Curing SQL Injection Attacks

An SQL injection is a type of attack whereby bad guys execute malicious SQL statements using webpages and web applications. Attackers can go around authorization and authentication of web application and web page and retrieve the content of an entire SQL database. They can utilize SQL injection to add, delete, or modify records in a database. SIEM solution gives several options to detect SQL injection attacks. Of these, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), both host- and network-based, can be tuned to thwart SQL injection attacks.

Use Case 3: Detecting Brute Force Attack

Nowadays, brute force attacks are accelerating due to the availability of faster and more efficient password cracking tools. Before the occurrence of the actual attack, enterprises should configure authentication system for security events such as suspicious login attempts or any modification to system files so that any malicious activity can be detected in a timely fashion. SIEM monitoring system always raises alerts as soon as the malicious activity is detected. In this way, any failed login attempt will be notified to the security leaders.

Use Case 4: Meeting GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018 for the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of the European Union (EU) citizens. Non-compliant organizations will have to face huge penalties and reputational damage that will result in the loss of customers’ trust. In order to avert this deplorable situation for your organization, deploying a SIEM solution is inevitable. SIEM can help to be compliant with the GDPR by providing visibility into log data, raising breach notification, monitoring essential changes to credentials, identifying events related to the personal data, auditing changes to personal data, and generating reports.

Use Case 5: Performing Statistical Analysis

In many circumstances, you may have plenty of numerical data such as student mark sheets in databases. Hackers can launch an attack to change or modify records of your numerical data. SIEM system can help to prevent such attacks by allowing statistical analysis to study the nature of data. For this purpose, several functions like average, quantile, median, etc. can be utilized. Moreover, numerical data from numerous sources can be employed to monitor relations such as data usage per application, comparison, or ratio of inbound to outbound bandwidth usage.

The Bottom Line

Logsign offers a full featured, all-in-one SIEM solution that is equipped with Log Management, Security Intelligence and Compliance. It also delivers great value via clear visualization and better understanding to organizations. Logsign SIEM can help enterprises to improve their security and business continuity. decreased workload.

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