Compliance & Reporting

Elevate your organization's compliance management and reporting efficiency with the sophisticated solutions offered by Logsign USO Platform. Our advanced features ensure a seamless and comprehensive approach to meeting regulatory requirements and reporting standards, providing you with robust cybersecurity governance.

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Essential for Effective Compliance

Organizations need a multifaceted approach to compliance, including robust security policies, real-time monitoring, data protection, saving and archiving, employee training, and swift incident detection. A solution like Logsign USO Platform is essential for effective compliance. It centralizes log data, detects anomalies, and generates comprehensive reports. With scalability and real-time monitoring, it helps organizations maintain compliance while bolstering their security posture.

Customizable, Comprehensive Reports

Logsign USO Platform comes equipped with over 1,200 meticulously crafted compliance reports tailored to global regulations like PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, and GLBA. These reports are fully customizable and can be effortlessly exported in PDF, Excel, and HTML formats.

Rapid and Scalable Data Management

Our SIEM solution collects, stores, and manages incidents and logs with unrivaled speed and scalability. It seamlessly handles a wide range of log types, from IDS/IPS and network devices to Microsoft Windows incident logs and application logs.

Ensuring Originality and Integrity

For forensic integrity, logs are meticulously signed and verified, ensuring their originality and integrity. Plus, our platform retains logs for the necessary duration to meet compliance standards.

PCI DSS Compliance

Logsign ensures PCI DSS compliance by continuously recording, monitoring, and reporting on network changes and user activities. It identifies abnormal traffic and suspicious behavior to alert security teams, enhancing data security in accordance with global payment card standards.

GDPR Compliance

Logsign's SIEM supports GDPR compliance, providing essential monitoring, identification, response, and reporting capabilities. This aids institutions in meeting the strict data protection requirements of the EU, minimizing the risk of fines and reputational damage, and streamlining incident response and management.

KVKK Compliance

Logsign assists organizations in achieving KVKK compliance by providing comprehensive solutions for data protection and privacy. By ensuring secure data handling, monitoring, and reporting, Logsign enables companies to meet the stringent requirements of the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) and maintain data privacy in accordance with national regulations.

ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance

For ISO 27001 compliance, Logsign consolidates data from various sources, including systems, networks, and audit logs. This allows organizations to rapidly review critical asset information, contributing to a robust security framework aligned with international standards.

KRITIS Compliance

Logsign ensures seamless alignment with KRITIS regulations, fortifying cybersecurity for Germany's Critical Infrastructure Protection Act. Swift threat identification, responses, and comprehensive reporting guarantee uninterrupted critical infrastructure operation.

NIS2 Compliance

Logsign facilitates effortless adherence to NIS2 directive requirements. Our SIEM solution unifies security data, enhancing cyber resilience and enabling prompt responses to potential incidents. Stay compliant and secure with Logsign.

GLBA Compliance

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act demands robust data protection for personal financial information. Logsign's reports and dashboards safeguard this data, ensuring compliance with GLBA requirements while effectively organizing financial information.

HIPAA Compliance

Logsign helps organizations comply with HIPAA, securing sensitive health data and ensuring compliance with standards for safeguarding protected health information. It empowers institutions to monitor data access and mitigate insider threats, safeguarding user data.


What is the purpose of Logsign USO Platform’s Reporting and Compliance capability?

Reporting and Compliance serve to empower organizations by providing the means to monitor, analyze, and respond to potential security incidents through the correlation of data from diverse sources.

Why is Logsign Unified SO Plaftorm’s Reporting & Compliance capability essential?

Reporting & Compliance are crucial for organizations to fulfill regulatory requirements, conduct vital risk analysis, monitor and respond to security incidents, and carry out necessary forensic analysis. These functionalities contribute to maintaining a robust security posture.

What incidents are typically highlighted in security reports?

Security reports spotlight incidents like unauthorized access attempts, malware presence, unusual network activity, and port vulnerabilities—potential security threats that may be unique to each organization.