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Logsign Unified Security Operations Platform

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The Logsign Unified Security Operations (SecOps) Platform

Provides comprehensive visibility and control of your data lake by allowing security analysts to collect and store unlimited data, investigate and detect threats, and respond automatically.

Security Operations
Made Easy

Logsign Unified SecOps Platform is a comprehensive security tool that enables you to create a data lake, investigate threats
and vulnerabilities, analyze risks, and respond to
threats automatically. Integrates seamlessly with all other
SOC tools to enable the best security management and team experience.

Why Logsign Unified Security Operations (SecOps) Platform?

Unified - Whole Platform

Ease of Use

Hassle-Free Deployment

Fast Search & Analytics

Stress-Free Sizing, No Hidden Costs

One-Click Response with Action Button

Smartly Designed Big-Data Environment

Big-Data Infrastructure

High Available, Hadoop platform with NoSql database.

Unlimited Scalability

Designed to scale for petabyte-level big data experience.

Fast & Easy Deployment

Hundreds of built-in integrations and a free plugin service.

Massively Parallelized

Fault-tolerant system. High volume replicated data. Flexible to add any #of users, nodes, or sources.

Continuously Active with Zero Performance Loss

The nodes are always up and running for any loss.

Unlimited Log Storage

Store any data for any time affordably.

Long-Term Data Retention

Backup your archived, compressed data. Keep it easy to access and read.

Create Your Own Data Lake

Start data ingestion as soon as you deploy the Logsign Unified SecOps Platform. Integrate all your security tools without vendor concern. Logsign classifies, normalizes, and enriches the data for effective use.

Create Your Own Data Lake
Built-in Integrations:

450+ built-in integrations and vendor-free integration capabilities. Quickly start ingesting all your data.

Free Plugin Service:

Unstructured data parsing with free plugin service.

Any Source-Any Data:

Limitless data collection from every source and environment.

Real-Time Enrichment:

Performs real-time data enrichment with real-time Threat Intelligence.

Data Policy Manager:

Extracts and controls your security data with a flexible Data Policy Manager.

Leaf Node

For distributed networks to centralize the data and management easily (high capacity data collector)

Custom Parsing

Quickly create your own plug-in with ease.

Threat Detection & Investigation

Logsign Unified SecOps Platform, a comprehensive Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response solution, has automated detection and investigation capabilities to easily create any query to reach fast, understandable, actionable results.

Find the Hidden
Rapid Data Search:

Response To Queries In Milliseconds

Investigates Correlated And Enriched Data

Threat Hunting For Hidden Threats, IOCs And IOAs

Threat Level Validation

Incident Triage

Incident Triage

Forensic Investigation

MITRE ATT&CK And Cyber Kill Chain Frameworks

Risk Scoring

Real-Time Enrichment & Advanced Correlation

Logsign Unified SecOps Platform enriches the data and correlates in multiple ways to detect and disrupt hidden, complex, and modern threats using MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

Detect Complicated Threats
Asset, Identity, Behavior Enrichment

Geo IP, Position, Location, LDAP/AD

Context, Custom Enrichment

Threat Intelligence Feeds, Built-In Correlations For TI

Network Position, Branch, Etc.

Instant Data Processing

A Wide Variety Of Correlation Methods

500+ Pre-Defined Correlation Rules

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Logsign Unified SecOps Platform's UEBA module helps detect and prevent cyber threats by analyzing user behavior and alerting users to potential risks.

Heighten the Visualization
Monitors User Access To Critical Data

Prevents Botnet Infections

Detects Risky User And Watchlist User Behavior

Realtime Entity Context

Stop Data Exfiltration

Security Analytics

Logsign Unified SecOps Platform offers security analytics-oriented high visualization via hundreds of pre-defined visualization tools. Hundreds of built-in widgets, alerts, dashboards & reports result in actionable insights with the help of wizards.

Safeguard Your Data
Easy To Customize And Configure New Dashboards & Widgets

Powerful Wizards

Delegation: Role-Based Access Control

Dynamic Search Filters, Drill-Down Search On Dashboards

Filtering In Dashboards With Customisable Time Frame

Incident Management

Logsign Unified SecOps Platform provides a response life cycle that references the NIST Incident Response Framework. Every time you take action, it automatically shows you which stages of the life cycle you have completed.

Artifacts, Assets And Identity Management

Incident Timeline

NIST Incident Life Cycle

Incident Summary And Detailed Views

Visual Cards For Investigation, Detection And Response

Incident Response

Logsign Unified SecOps Platform offers a proactive approach to Incident Response: Detailed views of incidents, mitigation, eradication, and remediation in real time.

Automated Response

Logsign Unified SecOps Platform can take automatic actions. This is what we call “Quick Actions.”

Semi-Automated Response

Some incidents require manual actions, even after automatic ones.

Reporting & Compliance

Logsign Unified SecOps Platform has a vast library of pre-defined reports and enables compliance-ready and executive reports for GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, NERC, GLBA, etc.

Hundreds Of Built-In Reports

Easy To Create And Configure New Ones

Creating And Exporting In Seconds

Built-In Compliance Reports

Automated & Scheduled Reports

Ad-Hoc Reporting, Executive Reporting

Delegation: Role-Based Access Control

A vast library of integrations and free services on demand.
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