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SIEM Key Features

Strong Cyber Security Defence

Real-Time Monitoring and Dashboards

Permits visibility at the desired level via security-based, pre-defined and customizable analysis. In addition, you can create real time and easy reports by preparing dashboards and widgets which are appropriate for your new ad hoc requirements.

Fast and Flexible Search

The HDFS-based NoSQL architecture allows you to reach millions of data within seconds. The file integrity presented in the same solution ensures that you detect advanced attacks such as zero day / zero second attacks through user and behaviour monitoring. It permits you to make in-depth analyses in all prepared reports and visuals. You can also narrow the results by filtering and achieve outputs aimed at action.

siem features

200+ Pre-Defined Integration

Logsign can easily be installed in physical, virtual and cloud systems in a very short time. Easy and flexible installation is possible with more than 200 predefined integrations. In addition it provides free plugin services for your integration requirements.

Efficient Data Management with Logsign Data Policy Manager

Logsign has a powerful data management system for the purpose of optimizing system power with respect to entry, data processing and storage levels of the system.

Correlation Architecture

Thanks to its multi-machine correlation architecture, it provides comprehensive solutions for the requirements of large-scale institutions. It is equipped with high level scalability skills with respect to the fields of the increase in the capacity of the correlation system, ensuring the redundancy of the correlation system and load distribution. It has a wide correlation library. It executes the real-time enrichment of all security journals and events from different sources by combining them with global cyber intelligence data and it generates quick, correct results and results which can be subject to action easily. It correlates millions of data in seconds.

Availability and Redundancy

Logsign has multilayer data and service back up capacity. You can store and back up live and offline data at petabyte level. It ensures redundancy all layers, it stores your data in distributed or central form.

It protects your data and makes them accessible at all times with the help of its automatic activation, service increase, load transfer and self improvement skills in potential disaster scenarios. This feature offers flexibility, mobility and the opportunity to take action in instant states.