What is a SIEM Use Case?

10.07.2019 Read
What is a SIEM Use Case? - Logsign

In regard to rising trends and forms of attacks, a growing number of organizations opt for SIEM solutions so that they can provide a proactive measure for threat management and also acquire a detailed and centralized view of the overall security measures of their organization. Since SIEM is the foundation of a security infrastructure, there are large varieties of SIEM use cases. The best SIEM use case depends on the risks and priorities of an organization but to give you a profound understanding, we gave gathered a list of popular SIEM use cases that resonates in many business types. SIEM for PCI Compliance PCI DSS was created to secure the data of cardholder from abuse and theft. It sets 12 security areas that should be enhanced by the companies to protect this kind of data. These requirements apply to everyone involved in credit card processing: merchants, processors, 3rd party service providers. There are 5 ways in which SIEM can help you with PCI compliance:

SIEM for HIPAA Compliance HIPAA is USA standard for organizations that transmit health information in electronic form. It applies to every organization regardless of the size: national healthcare bodies or a single physician, anyone must follow HIPAA. HIPAA’s security management process obliges an organization to perform risk management, set a sanction policy regarding data breaches, and also perform Information Security Activity Reviews. We can utter 9 ways SIEM can help with HIPAA Compliance:

  • Security management process,
  • Employee access,
  • Audit controls,
  • Access control,
  • Security incidents,
  • Information access management,
  • Security awareness,
  • Data integrity,
  • Transmission security.

SIEM for SOX Compliance Requirements for boards of public companies, management and account firms in the US are set by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. It was put into effect after numerous corporate accounting scandals such as WorldCom broke. The SOX regulation aims to make sure that an organization follows SOX procedures in informing management. The location of sensitive data, who has access to that data and what happens to that data concern SOX procedures. SIEM can be very useful in accumulating such data and recording it for any upcoming SOX audits. SIEM can be of use with SOX compliance and audits in regards to:

  • Security policies and standards,
  • Access and authentication,
  • Network security,
  • Segregation of tasks,
  • Log monitoring.

Insider Threats In addition to above, SIEM solutions can be implemented in your company to help you in avoiding insider threats. According to statistics, three of the top five reasons of security breaches are related to insider threats. The worst part is, insider threats can dodge being detected for months. Yet with behavioral analysis, SIEM can be of use in discovering red flags in your company. SIEM can detect unusual behaviour of users such as logins at unusual hours or different frequency. SIEM can also employ behavioral analysis to notice the correlation between seemingly unrelated events such as excessive printing, using a personal e-mail account, transferring data to USB drivers and such.

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