Security Intelligence

Every organization needs to have a security intelligence platform to protect its values, monitor network and improve security. Critical assets like customer and employee information, financial information and other assets like plans, designs, patent applications etc. should be protected from both external and internal threats, vulnerabilities and misuses.

Monitoring & improving security of network needs concentration and involvement but every single company has only limited time and human resources.

Also a smart security intelligence platform, Logsign will solve these problems.

Logsign is an intelligent platform, detects threats, provide alerts and automatically acts to prevent threat and vulnerabilities. Hdfs embedded NoSQL architecture keeps Logsign monitor and report fast. Correlation of all security and security related events in the same context makes the data easily understandable. Its user-friendly platform enables users to understand all events quickly without working long hours and days. Hundreds of predefined reports, dashboards and wizards are available on the platform and it is very easy to create new ones or customize them. Either quickly get a bird’s eye view or study every detail with an analytical mind.

  • Fast threat and anomaly detection.
  • Library of 200+ predefined correlation rules.
  • Real time and flexible correlation capability.
  • Reputation and Security Data Feeds.
  • Faster response time.
  • Centralized, full feature solution.
  • Security Analytics Driven.

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