Why Risk Management Techniques Are Critical?

08.04.2019 Read
Why Risk Management Techniques Are Critical?

In the age of digital warfare, successful businesses always stay connected with modern risk management techniques and also keep themselves abreast of a variety of risks that can affect their earning and business continuity. According to the Global Risk Management Survey, 11th Edition, 2019, respondents most often considered their organizations extremely effective in managing disruptive attacks (58%), fraud or financial loss (57%), risks from customers (54%), destructive attacks (53%), and loss of private data (54%). On the other hand, there are still innumerable individuals and firms worldwide who do not understand risk management techniques to safeguard their information assets and to survive and thrive in the IT industry. Many respondents in the above-mentioned survey revealed that their responding abilities were less effective against threats from nation-state actors (37%) or risks from 3rd-party providers (31%). Fortunately, organizations can benefit from a wide range of emerging technologies and techniques to dramatically transform the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management. In this article, you will be mindful of the most reliable techniques of risk control and their deployment can help protect organizations from notorious cybersecurity risks. The following sections delve deep into some most effective Risk management techniques for business leaders.

Avoiding a Risk

Once you have created a complete analysis of the potential risks, you are finally able to avoid such situations or eliminate hazards, activities, and exposures that can negatively affect the information assets of your organization. Risk avoidance attempts to thwart the notorious cyber incident altogether. Since cyber threats are very sophisticated and greater in frequency, complete elimination of risk is out of the question. However, risk avoidance can help to deflect as many risks as possible to avoid financial loss and ensure business continuity.

Preventing a Loss

Instead of eliminating, this technique helps to limit a loss. In other words, loss prevention doesn't completely avoid risk. Rather, it deals with the consequences in the aftermath of the risk occurrence and minimizes the loss as much as possible. For instance, ensuring 100% security of physical devices such as data servers and network devices is not possible. However, you can prevent a loss by installing video cameras, smart locks, and so on.

Separating Critical Assets

Do your company store all critical assets in one place? If yes, then your company is on the verge of the big data breach. Storing all vital assets at a single place or warehouse is not a wise approach. Just take the example of your home. If you store all jewellery and net cash in one shelf, the successful intrusion of the burglar can result in the theft of all critical assets if he discovers the exact point. Then, what is the recommendation for the companies? The great idea is to separate your critical assets such as Database Servers, Critical Systems, and other company secrets from those who are much vulnerable to risks. Classification of assets based on the level of risks they can face may save from potential imminent disaster.

Creating a Backup Plan

Creating a backup plan is certainly necessary when it comes to technology and information. In the event of a disaster, the backup copy of critical data and information can save your company from really big nightmares. To avoid this situation, create a backup copy of all indispensable data and information. The backup plan should be executed periodically.


Cyber threats are an undeniable fact. You cannot ensure 100% security against these menaces as there is no mechanism for this so far. However, you can avoid them, prevent them, and reduce them. Tools that provide security intelligence can help companies to help risk management. Taking some proactive measures such as separating the critical assets and creating a backup plan can help you stay save against the effects of Data Breaches.

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