What is Cyber Defence Intelligence?

16.09.2019 Read
What is Cyber Defence Intelligence?

Cyber defence intelligence has been one of the most popular topics of discussion within the IT circles. What is it? Why is it important? Should you invest in it? We sought answers to all these questions in our article. What is Cyber Defence Intelligence? Providing a strong façade for your networks and systems is an intricate business that consists of various components and steps. One of them is data collection.

During almost every step of cyber security operations, massive amounts of data is gathered through logs and other recording systems. In addition to that, your cyber security team makes regular assessments of your security posture and through these assessments, impressive amounts of data concerning your network and systems are collected. With the help of this valuable data that comes from various sources, you can detect any security incidents and make informed decisions in order to contain and eliminate the issue. Moreover, you can even spot the vulnerabilities of your systems and predict possible attacks.

Thus, you can take preventive action and stop malicious attacks even before they occur. But to do all these, you need to be able to understand what the data is telling you. In other words, you need to analyse and make sense of it. Cyber defence intelligence is the term that covers the processes of collection and analysis of the data concerning the security of your network and systems.

What is the Difference Between Cyber Threat Information and Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Information on the cyber threats is collected through (and as a result of) various cyber security practices and evaluated in regards to its source and context. Then it is analysed through the expertise and cutting edge techniques that are made possible by technologies like SIEM, SOAR and AI. As a result of this process, cyber threat intelligence is gathered.

The difference between information on cyber threats and cyber threat intelligence is the fact that the latter is actionable, hence much more valuable. It helps the analyst to detect trends, vulnerabilities and suspicious activity. With the help of cyber security intelligence, your cyber security team can make much more informed decisions and improve the overall security posture of your business.

How is the Cyber Threat Intelligence Developed?

The development process of the cyber threat intelligence may sound easy yet it is an intricate and circular process that involves planned data collection, evaluation, analysis and reanalysis. Intelligence analysis requires diligent effort and structural analysis techniques that eliminate biases and uncertainties. Rather than coming up with the conclusions about complex problems, intelligence analysts focus on how they reach such conclusions. As a result of this extra step, the development process of the intelligence becomes rather cyclical. Also, it is this extra step that guarantees that the biases and prejudices of the human factor are considered and even redeemed to some extent. Logsign threat intelligence solution helps intelligence analysts to take action and  better manage the impact of cybersecurity on the business.

Why is Cyber Defence Intelligence Important?

Cyber defence intelligence allows your security professionals to make informed decisions even under dire situations. Moreover, with the help of the actionable information gathered and developed through cyber defence intelligence practices, your security team can foresee possible security incidents and take necessary preventive measures. In addition, cyber defence intelligence allows you to scan vulnerabilities of the façade of your network and systems, and act upon alleviating these vulnerabilities.

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