What is Remediation in Cyber Security?

16.09.2019 Read
What is Remediation in Cyber Security?

In order to protect your business from malicious attacks, you need to know more about remediation and how it can be useful for your cyber security team. In this article, we will take a closer look at remediation in cyber security and why it is essential. Due to the increasing incidents of ransomware and various other threats on the internet, remediation processes have become essential in the cyber security. In order to protect your business from malicious attacks, you need to know more about remediation and how it can be useful for your cyber security team.

What is threat remediation?

Threat remediation is a strong and capable tool for fighting the cyber security compromises. As the word ‘remedy’ suggests, remediation process involves the treatment of a security breach. With the remediation practices, your cyber security team is able to eliminate suspicious activities and malicious attacks in the form of malware, ransomware, phishing and such. Remediation in cyber security refers to the addressing a breach and limiting the amount of damage that breach can potentially cause to your business. If you fail to notice and act upon a breach in time, it can grow so big that it becomes almost impossible to contain it. As a result, the valuable data that belongs to your business can be exposed. Moreover, some security breaches can render your systems inoperable thus costing you business. Remediation aims to detect and contain such breaches before they manage to spread and hurt your systems.

What processes are involved in remediation?

As of today, many remediation procedures act as a mere band-aid to the gargantuan security incidents. For instance, numerous remediation solutions trigger an automated kill process. To the uneducated eye, killing the problematic process might seem like the ultimate solution. Yet it must be considered that what sort of threat and/or breach has caused that problematic process. Even if you ‘kill’ the suspicious activity, the attackers can remain in your systems. If you want to contaminate and end the problem for good, your remediation processes must involve the detection of the cause. Moreover, many remediation processes fail to successfully verify if the threat is entirely eliminated. That is why the remediation processes employed by your security team must involve gathering accurate and ample information concerning the incident.

Why is remediation essential for cyber security?

According to the research conducted by Mimecast in 2019, two thirds of security compromises take at least a month (or even longer) to detect. Not being able to detect a security compromise means that the sensitive and valuable information that belongs to your company can be out there even right now. Failing to detect compromises significantly lower your chances of eliminating them. That is why threat remediation must be an essential part of your cyber security operations. With the help of threat remediation, you can detect security breaches with threat intelligence solution as they occur. Moreover, you can also prevent the malware from spreading and hurting your business.

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