Automated Incident Response with SOAR

29.05.2020 Read
Automated Incident Response with SOAR

How Does the SOAR Tool Help?

SOAR tool offers a big relief to the already overworked CSIRT team. With SOAR, incident responders can hand a maximum number of incidents and help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of incident response efforts.

Automated Information Retrieval

Organizations, especially large enterprises, involve hundreds and thousands of computer systems, servers, and workstations. Is it possible to manually retrieve information from each of them? Has your organization sufficient resources to perform such a tedious task manually? SOAR system assists CSIRT teams to automatically retrieve essential information, data artifacts, or/and log data from multiple systems.

Addressing Security Alerts Through SIEM

The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool offers great support to the SOAR system in executing the automated incident response. For example, the SIEM tool detects security events and incidents and raise alerts. SOAR platform offers Incident Alert Management whereby it ingests these alerts and detects and separate the real incidents from the false positives. Doing so spare security professionals from the time-consuming and tedious activity of retrieving information from various systems.

Automated Incident Response Endeavors

In digital warfare today, cybersecurity needs 24/7. It is impossible for manpower to actively responds to some security incidents immediately. SOAR automates incident response playbook to achieve automated incident response efforts. For example, in the event of any Indicator of Compromise (IoC), SOAR will execute the automated incident response playbook to address the incident effectively and promptly.

How SOAR Responds When a Security Incident Occurs?

The SOAR tool upon detecting any security incidents may execute a malware scan on the targeted system, segment the affected network from the rest, and put infected systems on the quarantine so that security analysts can perform further investigation. SOAR would also scan network logs to prevent the spread of the further attack. All these steps are automated and don’t involve human intervention.


SOAR solution offers an automated incident response that reduces the involvement of human power and saves budgets for other critical business operations. SOAR’s automated incident response ensures business continuity and restores normal business operations after the incidents as quickly as possible.

You need to wisely choose your SOAR tool from the world of over-crowded security suites. Logsign SOAR is the next-generation security suite that offers comprehensive and automated Incident Management from start to end. Automation of tools and contribution of the security team, documented standardized Incident Response processes. In an automated and collaborative IT environment, Incident Response is always given in a timely fashion with an effective intervention.

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