Logsign MSSP Solutions for Aiming Success

Logsign offers MSSPs diverse and tailored solutions to ensure their success and their clients’ security.

Maximize Your Potential with
Logsign’s Advantages

Ignite explosive growth and unlock up to

10x profitability as you tap into the full potential of our comprehensive platform.

Gain Up to 10X Profit


Predictable Costs

Benefit from fixed pricing, unlimited capacity and feature-based licensing for enhanced flexibility and scalability.


No Initial Investment Cost

Manage and respond to security incidents without any initial investment costs with the free-of-charge Cyfusion platform.


High Efficiency

Harness the power of automation and an easy-to-operate platform to prevent employee burnout and reduce turnover rates.

Why Logsign MSSP Program?

Pay-as-you-go, Pay-as-you-grow

We understand the challenges and struggles of starting a business with limited resources – that’s why Logsign’s growth-focused packages offer high margins and no hidden costs. Increase your profitability and accelerate your growth with flexible licensing.

Allied Marketing Endeavors

Align marketing strategies with Logsign, and receive professional collateral kits and materials alongside co-marketing support to amplify your brand presence and drive joint marketing success.

Proactive Support Solutions

In addition to Logsign’s vast integration library, onboard your customers in minutes with quick and seamless integrations. Enjoy our on-demand support for meeting your SLA targets.

Seamless Technical Advantages

Logsign MSSPs enjoy an expansive library of technical courses and free certifications that enable their employees to become proficient in their cybersecurity knowledge. We also offer on-demand technical and sales training for more enhanced expertise, enabling our MSSPs to earn more and seize greater opportunities.