What is the Difference Between MSSP and MSP?

17.08.2020 Read
What is the Difference Between MSSP and MSP?

When it comes to the security of your organization, you should not take any risks. That is why you should consider getting professional help with your cyber security needs through MSP and MSSP. But what is the difference? Which one should you choose? Keep reading to learn!

When you run a medium to small sized organization, keeping it profitable while avoiding to compromise what is utterly needed is a difficult task. Especially when it comes to cyber security. It is a known fact that the hackers and cyber criminals are relentless, they always come up with a new method or technique to exploit the vulnerabilities of your security posture. Moreover, a recent study by Verizon shows that almost half of the cyber attacks target small businesses. Since most small businesses cannot afford to hire a comprehensive cyber security team, they are significantly more vulnerable to cyber attacks. That is why most hackers target them instead of trying to find a weak spot on the thick and high ramparts of bigger organizations.

On the other hand, not having proper security measures can cost you your business. In this day and age, the most important asset of an organization is information. When a hacker steals the sensitive information from your organization, you lose the most valuable asset of yours. Moreover, such a leak harms your business processes, hinders your production, hurts your image and makes you lose the hard earned trust of your customers. In addition, cyber attacks can destroy your devices, leave your electronic tools unable to function anymore thus costing you a fortune.

Solving the puzzle of cyber security

It is evident that your small to medium organization cannot survive not having a proper cyber security team. Yet a comprehensive cyber security team that can answer all your needs can be way over your budget, thus having a cyber security team can also cost you your business. What is the solution to this nerve wrecking paradox? It is much simpler than you’d imagine: Outsourcing!

Instead of trying to handle cyber security issues in house through hiring a gigantic IT team, you can always get some help from the professional companies. This is where MSP and MSSP comes in handy.

What are MSP and MSSP?

Both MSP and MSSP offer your organization professional help with your IT and cybersecurity needs. MSP means Managed Service Provider and MSSP means Managed Security Service Provider.

What is the difference between MSP and MSSP?

Both services aim to offer professional help with the IT needs of your organization, yet the primary focus of MSP is IT administration while MSSP focuses on the IT security. In addition, MSP aims to provide you with easy access to the IT system of your organization but MSSP focuses more on the security tools, incident management and such.

From a more technical point of view, we can say that MSP offers bug fixes, update management and threat detection. MSSP goes one step beyond and helps you with incident detection, incident response, scans for new threats and vulnerabilities.

To sum up, MSP offers a more basic and affordable service while MSSP is a bit more advanced.

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