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Incident Management

Comprehensive Incident Management from start to end.

Modern Security Case Management

Clear the way on time, move your SecOps beyond

Accurate, effective, and timely event resolution is only possible with full control. Case management is done with human-to-human and human-to-machine interactivity.

Thus, all the teams and tools move in the same direction, a seamless workflow is possible and case response times are minimized as necessary. Team members can contribute to the cases, monitor the process, invite related people to contribute and share information. It is possible to monitor activity overviews.

In every single case, role-specific assignments can be made and in the platform, case-specific identifications can be made. Prioritizing and reporting is available in the case.

logsign soar project history page

Interactive Investigation

Interactive investigation is only possible with 360° interactivity. And this is provided in Logsign SOAR solution via human-to-human, human-to-machine and machine-to-machine communication and action.

Response time is reduced by real time investigations, automated bots and playbooks, and scanning of similar and documented information. Interactivity simplifies the investigation process and speeds the response to security events.

Task and Workflow Management

By sorting tasks according to priority or time, Logsign brings those tasks to team members as goals. By enabling capabilities like task assignment, contributions, asking questions and decision-making among members, it ensures that the workflow is seamless and cases are solved in a timely manner.

logsign soar personal workbench page

Single Effective Workbench

The platform opens with a customized, single workbench as it aims to guide and motivate the user so that he/she can focus on the right task or case at the right time, take action for urgent ones and make contribution.

Workbench does not only aim to provide information like standard dashboards. In workbench, a user can view unread messages, tasks to be carried out and activities that might be related to himself/herself. It helps users to manage SLA response time better and work in a motivated and effective way.