What is Real Time Forensic Analysis?

13.01.2020 Read
What is Real Time Forensic Analysis?

As the nature and scope of cyber attacks change and evolve in time, organizations need new and improved methods like real time forensic analysis to keep their systems and networks safe. Read our article to learn more. As the technology advances further, our business processes get more and more digitalized. As a result, valuable data including business communications, sensitive information, customer identities, various assets of your organization and such are stored online. That is why taking necessary measures to protect your data from hackers and cyber criminals has become a vital practice in order to make sure that your business remains in business.

Thus, various cyber security practices and methods have come into our lives. Being one of these, real time forensic analysis has quickly become an industry favourite. In this article, we will discuss what real time forensic analysis is and how it can help you protect your organization against cyber threats.

What is real time forensic analysis?

Forensic data analysis refers to the thorough examination of information regarding cyber crimes. Within the framework of cyber security, forensic data analysis or forensic analysis includes methods and practices that aim to unveil the intention, target and extent of any cyber attack against your organization. Most of the time, forensic analysis is conducted after a security event happens, and analyses information in a retrospective manner. Real time forensic analysis, on the other hand, provides live information on the security status of your organization. In other words, it notifies your cyber security team as the security incidents take place.

Why is real time forensic analysis beneficial?

As the cyber security technology advances, cyber criminals come up with more sophisticated methods and approaches to circumvent the security measures of organizations. One of the relatively new approaches of hackers is conducting stealthy attacks. The most prominent feature of this kind of attacks are their ability to go under the radar for extended periods of time.

In other words, they have the ability to hide themselves from firewalls, antivirus programs and various other software designed to detect and stop cyber attacks. This way, hackers find their way into your systems and networks, gain control of the vital mechanisms and harm your organization in various ways including locking you out of your systems, stealing sensitive information or blackmailing you. That is why, being able to detect cyber threats before they become full blown incidents is essential for keeping your business safe and operational. With the real time forensic analysis methods, your cyber security team can keep an eye on your defences 24/7 and detect any anomaly, suspicious behaviour or threat in only few moments.

This allows them to act faster and contain risky incidents. Moreover, real time forensic analysis methods provide contextual information regarding the security incidents. As a result, your cyber security team can make better decisions even when they are in a race against time. In addition to the benefits discussed above, real time forensic analysis solutions can be incorporated into your existing security measures and enhance their detection abilities. In other words, real time forensic analysis solutions can significantly improve the security posture of your organization.

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