Questions to Consider When Choosing a SOAR Solution

17.01.2019 Read
Questions to Consider When Choosing a SOAR Solution

Does SOAR Offer Integration with Other Security Tools?

Yes, a reliable SOAR solution offers integration with other security tools such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), threat intelligence, sandboxes, Intrusion Detection Systems (IPS), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and so forth. Integrating SOAR with third-party tools will expedite incident response program and offer bi-directional support for numerous actions.

Does SOAR Help Automating Manual Human Actions?

Yes, SOAR solution certainly helps to automate manual human actions. However, it doesn’t mean that human power is totally eliminated. Instead, automation is involved to perform repetitive and menial tasks. Human factor such as analysts can play their role in gathering threat intelligence, finding the impact of an attack, and applying remediation measures. Therefore, manual and automation should work hand in hand to effectively perform incident response process.

Will SOAR Deal with Alerts?

Too many alerts may raise innumerable false positives that further generate a pesky noise. It is one of the biggest challenges encountered by a SOC team. An effective SOAR solution will combine and correlate duplicate alerts to reduce false positives and address threats more reliably.

Does SOAR Help in Minimizing damage from Attacks?

Yes, a SOAR solution help in minimizing damage from attacks. It is done through the agile intimation of the SOAR to a security team. In this way, the security team starts the mitigation process quickly. In addition, the automation feature also mitigates the impact of an attack even without the intervention of humans.

Does SOAR Meet Compliance Requirements?

There are many industry standards including HIPPA, GDPR, ISO, CERT, NIST, OWASP, SOA, and so on. Organizations are bound to follow particular standards that are related to their work. Therefore, these enterprises must ensure that which standard (s) is applicable to them before choosing a SOAR solution. Your selected SOAR solution must support the standards that your organization is obligatory to comply with. For instance, GDPR requires organizations to report incidents within a 72-hour countdown. Within such a crucial time, the SOAR solution must raise alerts to the analysts to deal with the critical situation immediately.

How SOAR Can Help in Investigation Process?

SOAR platform certainly assists in making the investigation process easier and faster. It deals with the low-level alerts by itself and engages the human force in the event of high-level alerts that need analysts’ examination. After that, the analysts correlate alarms from different tools to discover the root cause of the attack.

Does It Save Cost?

Though cost is not a primary purpose of the SOAR, yet it helps greatly in reducing the operational costs. The automation feature reduces human intervention and, therefore, prevents the companies to spend more on human power.

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