How to Use Honeypot for Network Intrusion Detection?

22.07.2020 Read
How to Use Honeypot for Network Intrusion Detection

When it comes to cyber attacks and intrusions, time is the essence! Being able to detect them early on is crucial and various techniques like honeypots can make your cyber security team very quick on their feet. Keep reading to learn more!

When an intruder finds their way into your systems, they do their best to be stealthy since your cyber security team cannot do anything to stop the attack if they don’t even know about it! That is why being able to detect even the attempt of an attack is very important if you want to quickly contain and stop it before it does any actual harm to your organization.

For the future and wellbeing of your business and safety of your sensitive information, having proper network intrusion systems is essential and honeypot aims to offer you exactly that. In this article we will discuss what a honeypot is and how it can be used for network intrusion detection.

What is a honeypot?

A honeypot can be defined as a mechanism or a structure that serves as a trap for the attackers. It has the ability to mimic the actual targets of the cyber attacks, as a result it is able to lure the attackers.

A honeypot can be used for educational purposes or security purposes. For the former, the cyber security team of the organization sets up the honeypot. After an attacker or a group of attackers target it to exploit its vulnerabilities, the team examines the honeypot and which vulnerabilities are exploited in order to learn from this experience and enhance the security posture of their organization.

When used for the security purposes, the honeypot acts as a decoy. It distracts the attackers from the actual, valuable resources of the organization and costs them time.

How to use honeypot for network intrusion detection

As we discussed above, honeypots can be used for educational purposes, but also they can easily be implemented into network intrusion detection systems.

The principle for incorporating honeypots into network intrusion detection is very simple: Honeypot lures the intruder and costs them a significant amount of time. After this attack attempt is contained, the information provided by honeypot is analysed in detail. Honeypot can tell us how the attacker detected the vulnerabilities on the security posture of the organization, how they exploited those vulnerabilities and such valuable information. In other words, honeypot allows the cyber security professionals to observe actions of the attacker.

With the information provided by the honeypot, the cyber security team can enhance and upgrade the security posture of your organization. Honeypot offers insight regarding the motivation of the attackers, which tools they used and so forth.

If you would like to enhance the security posture of your operation, feel free to get in touch. We offer tailor-made SIEM and SOAR applications and one of a kind cyber security solutions.

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