10 Steps to Prevent Man in the Middle Attacks

16.07.2020 Read
10 Steps to Prevent Man in the Middle Attacks

Gaining more popularity among hackers, man in the middle attacks aims to exploit the real time transfer of data. Keep reading to learn more!

When attacking an organization, hackers are focused on being swift and stealthy. In order to successfully infiltrate, steal sensitive information or hurt an organization in various other ways, hackers must be able to go under the radar for a while. If they get noticed mid-action, the cyber security team of the organization tackles the issue at full throttle and stops the ongoing attack before the hackers get their hands on anything valuable.

Man in the middle attacks offer a certain level of stealth to the hackers. When conducted carefully, man in the middle attacks can go undetected hence the cyber security measures and/or team of the attacked organization cannot contain and fix the issue. As a result, it is safe to say that man in the middle attacks pose a very serious threat. In this article, we will discuss what man in the middle attacks and how you can prevent man in the middle attacks in 10 simple steps.

What is a man in the middle attack?

When a hacker and/or cyber attacker inserts themselves into a data transfer or a conversation between two parties, this type of attack is called man in the middle attack (abbreviated as MITM, MitM, MIM or MiM). When conducted successfully, man in the middle attacks can go under the radar and it might take a very long time for the security measures of your organization to notice that something fishy is going on.

For man in the middle attacks, the hacker intercepts a conversation and impersonates both parties in order to acquire the information that the two parties attempt to send one another.

In eavesdropping attacks like man in the middle, the data is sent to someone who is not its intended user. As a result, man in the middle attacks can result in major data breaches through processing data traffic in real-time.

10 Steps to Prevent Man in the Middle Attacks

Detecting man in the middle attacks may be a challenge but luckily, you can follow a simple 10-step guide to prevent them from ever happening. Below you can find the 10 steps to follow in order to prevent man in the middle attacks.

  1. Educate your employees regarding the most common cyber attacks, cyber threats and what they should to avoid compromising the security of your organization.
  2. Make sure that your employees don’t use public networks.
  3. Employ VPNs (Virtual Private Network) in order to ensure the secure connections from your organization.
  4. Secure your e-mails by employing SSL/TLS. Moreover, you can also consider PGP/GPG encryption as well.
  5. Make a habit of regularly auditing your networks and devices. Also monitor the activity there so that you can instantly notice any unusual activities.
  6. Don’t forget to update your browsers. Make sure that your organization always uses the latest version of secure browsers.
  7. Get browser plugins like ForceTLS of HTTPS Everywhere to secure the sensitive online transactions.
  8. Separate your Wi-Fi networks. Make sure that guests don’t use your internal network.
  9. Install high technology, capable intrusion detection systems.
  10. Implement two-factor authentication.

If you want to make sure that your organization is safe from man in the middle attacks and being the target of similar malicious actions, you should take a closer look at our state of the art SIEM and SOAR solutions.

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