SIEM Use Cases

Increasing the Efficiency of Your IT Security Team

Improvement of digital threats obliges you to have qualified analysts in your security team. Threat detection needs human intuition to decrease the possibility of an unnoticed attack. Logsign USO Platform is a perfect alternative for improving the abilities of any security team as it automizes these software operations and provides real-time and consistent responses. Logsign USO Platform enables productive and clever data analysis and incident detection and assists you in increasing the productivity of your IT security team.

How to increase the productivity of your IT Security team

Logsign USO Platform uses correlation abilities in order to increase the performance of IT staff and determine the relationship among various anomalies. It collects, processes, and analyzes much data before the system slows down the response potential. Logsign can analyze a great amount of information in a short time (Big Data Analysis). It turns traditional reactive security systems into new and proactive solutions. It enables the false positives to be reduced and your IT security team to focus their intuitions and creativity on incidents with high priority. Moreover, thanks to its delegation abilities, you can make authorizations based on the duties and responsibilities of your IT teams. Therefore, each team can prepare their own dashboards/reports, you can create a source-responsible relationship within your team.

Predefined Dashboards, Reports, Correlations

By means of predefined dashboards, reports, and correlations, it allows new functions to be easily defined.


Threat Hunting and Analysis

The data generated by web, email, mobile, and content vectors can be evaluated by Cyber Intelligence Services on the Logsign USO Platform. As a result of this evaluation, it is possible to analyze malicious software and report it to relevant administrators through correlation.


Behavior Analysis and Analytics

It enables rule-based correlation, statistical or algorithmic correlation, and other methods that connect various incidents together. It aims at real-timely detecting the anomaly behavior.


Push Notifications

Continuous security monitoring detects security gaps and creates SMS and e-mail warnings when policy violations or malicious events target sensitive entities and the changes on critical files.



It assists the important incidents to be emphasized on less critical security incidents. This prioritization can be conducted by correlating the security incidents with aperture data or other entity information.


Advanced Reporting Infrastructure

Analysis-focused reports form the advanced reporting infrastructure in order to assist in legal data research, as well as detecting and anticipating behavior-based threats.


Impressive Search Speed

The search module enables rapid search opportunities by using the elastic search feature. It enables effective categorization by using the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) used to process big data.

Other SIEM Use Cases