Value-Added Services

Logsign onboards, cares, supports and co-manages. Our services enhance the value you get from our solutions. In this way, we act as a proactive team member in your operations.


After installation, our experienced support team follows and audits the platform to stabilize it. During the first 30 day-period, we offer requirements of normalization and parsing of log sources, crosscheck of capacity planning and upgrade if needed, settings control, fine tuning dashboards, and asset lists and correlation rules.

The system is stabilized.

Capacity planning is neither low nor excessive.

Ready-to-take actions via fine-tuned security analytics tools.

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The Importance of Right Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is vitally important to SIEM deployments. Setting the right number and type of the log sources you’ll connect or estimating the EPS volume over the network are complex. This is why we offer capacity planning in the onboarding service. It is neither low nor excessive, and you’ll take advantage of right planned, stabilized SIEM and surely pay for what you need in real life.

SIEMing From Day 1

In the onboarding process, our support team fine tunes correlation rules, alerts, dashboards and reports to enable SIEMing from day 1. Although this onboarding process lasts for the first 30 days, our support team continues to stay in touch to maintain the system and overcome any downtime or system fault.

Co-Managed SIEM & SOAR

With the ever-growing complexity of cybersecurity and shortage of professional in-house analysts, collaboration is always a good alternative. We provide you co-managed SIEM and SOAR services with our expert SIEM and SOAR knowledge as a trusted platform vendor.

Continuous Security & Workflows

Continuous System Health Check & Stabilization

Force Multiplier Effect on Your Team/Analysts

Reduced MTTD and MTTR

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Co-Managed SIEM

24/7, 365-day collaboration. Logsign co-manages your SIEM system to provide continuous security, better detection and reduced response times. Continuous capacity control, monitoring, system health check, log and threat management, detection and incident response processes are all included in our Co-Managed SIEM services.

Co-Managed SOAR

24/7, 365-day collaboration. Logsign co-manages your SOAR platform to provide full automation of your security tools. We serve as a human enhancement and not a replacement in your organization. Besides built-in playbooks and bots and comprehensive use case scenarios, with the help of co-managed service, creating new bots and playbooks is always easy. Automated workflows, better detection and response times are empowered with co-managed services.

Support & Upgrade

We offer support & upgrade services to keep in touch and ensure the system is always stable and running during the life cycle. Our experienced support team works with you as a force multiplier in case you need help. Upgrade service enables you to use newly released versions to stay compliant and secure.

24/7 Support

Email/Ticket Support

Long Distance-Recovery Support

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Support Service

Being a teammate is one of the most important values to us. In fact, providing support is our strength. This is why we offer an available and experienced support team that remains in close contact to ensure you receive all the help you need.

Upgrade Service

Upgrade service is for using newly released versions of our platforms. New feature updates, bug fixes and updated libraries are always available on the new versions. They also ensure you stay compliant with ever-changing regulations. New releases are always noted on the support platform to keep you updated.

Threat Intelligence

Logsign SIEM rapidly investigates hidden threats, IoCs and suspicious attack vectors combining global threat intelligence data also take internal threat source feeds to risk prioritization.

Heightened Awareness

Early Detection of malicious URL, Botnet and IPs

Threat Assessment and Triage

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Reducing False Positives

With multiple incoming TI feeds, dealing with false positive alerts is not a troublesome process anymore. False positive alerts are mostly eliminated. Orchestration and automation of security processes along with interactive investigation allows analysts to focus on proactive security activities such as threat hunting.

Enriched Correlation

Using external as well as internal data, Logsign performs correlation in a behavioural context resulting in valuable outcomes for a business. These outcomes then play an important role in vulnerability management, detection, advanced behavior analysis, and incident response.

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