Logsign SOAR

Move your SecOps forward with automated workflows, better investigation and faster incident response on a single, effective platform.

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The Logsign Security Automation, Orchestration and Response Platform

Connects people, process and technology to effectively manage and streamline your security operations. Automate security devices and guide your team into the same direction to keep work flowing, investigate better, and respond faster.

Automate and Orchestrate Workflows

Automate time-consuming repetitive tasks and keep security analysts on the same page with interactive case management. Manage end-to-end incident life cycle in harmony.

Automate and Orchestrate Workflows

Accelerated Incident Response

Investigate alerts and validate threat levels. Triage them to reduce the false positives. Respond in seconds not hours.

Accelerated Incident Response

Why Logsign SOAR?

Empowers Analyst Contribution & Collaboration

Every analyst can contribute to the case, and the owner and contributors communicate easily to resolve, respond or escalate to one another.

Force Multiplier Effect

We created humanoid Bots to enhance the power of analysts. Include the Logsign bots into your team. Let them work simultaneously with the analysts and run the playbooks.

Designed For The Right GOAL

Logsign SOAR welcomes the analysts with a personal workbench screen to direct them to the right GOAL at the right time.

Integrate & Automate

Logsign SOAR is an independent platform, so there is no limit or barriers to integrate any security tools that you use in your SOC operations.

Integrate & Automate
Wide Range of Integrations

You see the synergy of our single and independent platforms. 400+ built-in integrations and 200+ automations enable the platform to rapidly start SOARing.

Free Support for Integrations & Automations

Free plugin service is also available for new integrations and automations whether they are security or non-security devices. API-first approach enables easy integration.

Vendor Free

Free to choose or work with any SIEM or other security vendors. Logsign provides vendor-free bidirectional SIEM integrations.

Humanoid Bots & Codeless Playbooks

Logsign bots and playbooks are designed smartly to enhance your security analysts, not replace them. Save time for your overloaded analysts by using force multiplier bots and playbooks, and creating, automating and orchestrating dynamic workflows.

Humanoid Bots & Codeless Playbooks

Built-in bots and playbooks are easy to customize. Just drag-and-drop, there’s no need to code for customization.

Visual Playbook Editor

Create repeatable, codeless bots and playbooks with the visual playbook editor.


Logsign’s bots communicate and interact with each other and the playbooks inside them. Start and keep workflows up and running smoothly.

Everyone on the Case Page

Investigate, communicate and respond on a single screen to shorten your analysts’ learning curve and response time. Comprehensively manage incident life cycles from a single pane of glass.

Everyone on the Case Page
Investigation & Prioritization

Detects and investigates alerts. Creates cases automatically or enables manual case and task creation. Prioritized cases and tasks are shown to the analysts to focus them on highly critical ones first.

Single Click Response

Besides automated responses, Logsign enables analysts to respond manually when they decide to act, with a single click action on the case page.

Case Grouping

Related alerts and cases can be grouped into one to respond faster.

Automated Case Assignment

Assigning the analyst with the appropriate skills and experience to a case makes all the difference. Manual or automated case and task creation is easy as assigning the right person. The owner can make the adjustments and create SLAs for the cases.

Contribution and Information Sharing

The case management screen enables analysts to contribute cases, escalate, delegate, share their knowhow, and pin critical points on it. Logsign’s case management approach facilitates communication among analysts to resolve cases and respond faster. It provides a fast learning curve for your team.

Welcome to Workbench

Logsign’s workbench is an effective welcome and enabler screen for security analysts. Emergency cases and tasks, goals, prioritized or assigned tasks, messages and contribution requests are all shown on this screen to start result-oriented working. Security analysts improve their efficiency without becoming exhausted.

Welcome to Workbench

Knowledge is Power

Knowledgebase is a kind of library. It is your organization’s cyber archive that allows security analysts to get knowhow or insight about the past, or share their information and experience easily and provide new insights in the environment. This knowledge base empowers fast and self-orientation, a guide to always refer to for the right move.

Knowledge is Power
400+ pre-defined integrations and free service for what & when you need.
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