Why Is Traditional SIEM Not Enough Anymore?

20.09.2021 Read

Cybersecurity has been gaining more and more importance due to the increasing number of cyber attacks and hackers threatening organizations of every size.
In order to enable your business operations to continue and your organization to be safe and secure, you should benefit from real-time security monitoring, threat detection, investigation and automated responses.
Once implemented, a SIEM solution becomes a vital component of an enterprise security strategy. As a result, there are a large number of use cases that it caters to. A security team does not know what they will face next. With the increasing number of endpoint devices and growing reliance on cloud-based services, the potential attack surface area is expanding. Considering these factors, it becomes difficult for security teams to keep track of events happening across an enterprise network.
Therefore, SIEM solutions are considered one of the most prominent components of cyber security.
SIEM software gives enterprise security professionals both insight into and a track record of the activities within their IT environment.
It incorporates Security Information Management (the storage and analysis of log data) and Security Event Management to help secOps team handle threat detection and response.
Since the early 2000s, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) has been a go-to security tool for the early detection of targeted cyber-attacks and data breaches. The purpose was to provide real-time analysis of security alerts. That way organizations could detect and respond to potentially malicious cyber threats.
This makes SIEM solutions' role even more important in incident response. Traditional SIEM solutions concentrate on collecting and indexing log outputs from applications and devices. One of the most functional features of SIEM is the capability of correlating the logs from many sources.

Limited Log Collection Is Not Sustainable

However, data ingestion of traditional SIEM is limited to collecting logs and reporting cyber security threats. This is why traditional SIEM solutions cannot keep up with the recent cyber threats.
Besides these, traditional SIEMs have been unable to meet the recent data security needs because the volume, complexity, variety, and speed of data continue to increase.
The digital era we live in has created a big challenge for companies especially when it comes to protecting sensitive data and information. This means cyber attacks can be neither ignored nor underestimated. , Luckily, Next-Gen SIEM came to the rescue, allowing security analysts to collect and store unlimited data, and to investigate, detect and respond to threats automatically.

Modern Cyber Environment Requires Agility

Modern cyber security challenges such as malware, data breaches and security threats have become more and more intricate and incredibly complex. And as they require a more proactive, agile approach to security infrastructure, traditional SIEM falls behind the current needs.
The best Next-Gen SIEMs are architected to detect the threats in minutes of becoming active. It has the ability to stop Brute force attacks, compromised credentials, and insider threats before critical data is accessed. Traditional SIEMs cannot promise this.
The importance of Next-Gen SIEM in improving your security team’s efficiency and accelerating your enterprise’s security operations is indisputable.
If you haven’t considered replacing your traditional SIEM with the next-gen one, you should now.

False Positives Are Pain In The Neck

Cyber threats increasingly continue to evolve. Thus, your security technology needs to keep up in order to detect threats in a more effective way.
In a fast-paced, highly dynamic field such as cyber security, false positives can be a burden to the Security and IT teams because handling real threats is quite unproductive. Also, it is risky to deal with the alerts that indicate there’s a threat where there actually isn’t one.
This is why many teams have a tendency to ignore the critical alerts and cause your company to get compromised.
Legacy SIEM tools were not built to ingest, process, or analyze cloud data. So, they do not meet the current cyber security standards.

The Benefits of Next-Gen SIEM

Next-Gen SIEM Platform provides comprehensive visibility and control of the data lake by allowing security analysts to collect and store unlimited data, investigate and detect threats, and respond automatically.
It collects every log from every environment with multiple, flexible pricing options with advanced parsing and indexing techniques.
The earlier the detection, the safer the environment you have. Early detection of cybersecurity threats is one of the most important features of Next-Gen SIEM in contrast to the traditional one.
It can be quite a burden for your cybersecurity teams to respond to each individual security threat, whereas Next-Gen SIEM mitigates, eradicates the threats, notificates, responds, and remediates the incidents automatically. It provides your IT teams with minimized response times excluding alert fatigue.
Also, data visualization techniques provide organizations with strong allies in their fight against cyber threats: You can’t manage what you can’t see. Logsign Next-Gen SIEM enables visualization with its security analytics-driven, built-in dashboards and reports.

Move Your Security Operations To The Next Level

Compared to a legacy SIEM, which struggles to meet today’s security challenges, a next-generation SIEM improves your security visibility, actionability, and posture, while reducing management and analyst burden.
Logsign Next-Gen SIEM eradicates threats and attacks proactively on other integrated security tools such as firewalls, DLP and NAC when detected. You are always notified on time and every time with automated SMS and email notifications.
Logsign Next-Gen SIEM offers you a single-pane holistic view of your organization’s information security. Whether you need a strong security posture or to be compliant, a smart SIEM leverages your security event management and makes your life easier.
Deployment is always a big issue for the SIEM products unless you deploy Logsign SIEM. In addition to main SIEM functions, we excel at providing simple deployment in every environment, a welcoming onboarding service, and smart, simple usability.
We equip enterprise security operations teams with smart SIEM tools that improve workforce efficiency and provide better-accelerated investigations and responses. In addition to providing the latest technology products, we also offer a number of services that help users’ cyber security operations management and add value.
Addressing problems during deployment and use; improving maintenance, monitoring and analysis, reducing false positives, or creating new playbooks and bots are all necessary for you to use the platforms efficiently. Our competent and trained support team is available 24/7 to support you at all times.

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