Why is End-Point Security Important?

25.12.2019 Read
Why is End-Point Security Important?

Aiming to provide security for end-point users, end-point security is one of the most discussed components of data protection and cyber security. In this article, we will discuss what end-point security is and why it is important for your business.

What is an end-point?

An end-point refers to a distant device which has back and forth communication with a specific network. Such devices include desktops and laptops, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, work stations and servers. End-points are one of the most vulnerable spots within a network, thus they are frequently targeted by malicious attacks. Since most end-points contain vulnerable data, their protection has the utmost importance. As the technology advances, end-points such as mobile devices are becoming increasingly connected to networks for business purposes. Hackers and cyber criminals employ various tactics to exploit security vulnerabilities in end-points.

They often aim to gain control of the end-points using botnets. When a hacker or cyber criminal gains access to an end-point, they can use the compromised end-point to obtain sensitive information or access valued assets. They can hold the information they accessed as hostage in order to threaten the organization or they can blackmail the organization for financial gain. Also it is not uncommon for a hacker to gain unauthorized access to an end-point solemnly for disruption.

What is end-point security?

End-point security aims to keep end-points safe from malicious attacks and hackers. For a very long period of time, organizations employed software such as antivirus in order to provide security for end-points but as the methods of hackers become more advanced, more sophisticated measures are needed. A proper end-point security solution must be able to protect the end-points from malware, DDos attacks and much more. With an efficient end-point security solution, you are able to secure: The networks and devices of your organization Cloud hosting Data storage Employees that prefer working remotely Partners and vendours of your organization On-site staff activity In order to provide your organization with a thorough end-point security, you need to understand what information needs to be protected. You should detect sensitive information and which members of the staff has the access. Second step is choosing the appropriate solution that fits the needs of your organization and nature of the sensitive information.

Reviewing which staff has access to what data is an important part of this step. After implementing the right solution for the end-points in your network, you must regularly check your security precautions. Moreover, you must regularly test for vulnerabilities and take necessary steps to keep the security posture of your organization up-to-date.

Why is end-point security important?

As the technology advances, many employees opt for working remotely or doing business activities on mobile devices and/or off-site devices. As a result, the sensitive information of your organization is exposed to a greater risk each day. If you don’t invest in proper end-point security solutions, it is highly likely that your data will be breached. Moreover, the data provided by Absolute indicates that more than 70% of all data breaches are caused by the vulnerabilities of end-points.

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