What is Security Case Management?

20.04.2020 Read
What is Security Case Management?

A Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform enables your security team to focus on high-priority security events while the low-priority events are automatically dealt with. A SOAR platform helps in decreasing the response time while increasing the overall efficiency. Orchestration, Automation, and Response are three components of a SOAR platform that allow an organization to manage incidents comprehensively, automate repetitive alerts, streamline and collaborative for incident investigations, better defense against threats, and high return on investment (ROI).

When a SOAR platform is brought into action, it is expected that cyber security tools are comprehensively integrated along with security teams. With integrations of various tools, automation becomes possible with the help of playbooks and bots. Security teams can automate repetitive actions so that it is possible to prevent breaches from occurring and vulnerabilities from getting exploited with minimal or negligible human intervention. Automated tasks based on playbooks and bots help in streamlining incident respondent processes and security-related workflows. Investigations get documented as automated actions are taken by the SOAR platform, and manual actions are performed by the security teams.

How does Case Management come into the picture?

The case management functionality allows a security team to escalate investigations with detailed information and logs gathered on a single dashboard. In turn, this facilitates easier compliance and quick response to security events as soon as they are detected or identified. On the Logsign’s SOAR platform, a security professional can interact with various details about an incident from the dashboard. There, he can perform a wide array of investigation-based actions for the selected incident. These actions get documented simultaneously as a security professional is taking actions to mitigate the incident. Even in a case when the SOAR platform automated actions, the actions are continuously documented.

Further, Logsign’s case management component fast-tracks the investigation process while at the same time, ensuring that compliance requirements are met. Whether an organization relies on a limited number of security tools and mechanisms, or it relies on an extensive set of tools, Logsign’s SOAR platform supports seamless integration of more than 200 services. With the help of workflow-driven case management features, a security professional can be assured of receiving the correct data every time and follow the correct incident response process without any chances of human error.

Moreover, security case management on the Logsign’s SOAR platform is tightly integrated with inbuilt playbooks and workflows for thoroughly streamlining the incident response process. With a summarized view into the incident details, it becomes easier for a security professional to understand context and actions that should be taken. On the case management section, a security professional can either initiate the correct automated sequence of action for remediation or perform one-click execution for each security incident. As a result, a security team is better equipped to dynamically defend their organization’s technical infrastructure while at the same time, avoid getting overburdened and exhausted with an increasing number of security incidents in real-time. ROI is better realized as generic use cases are defined, and security events are dealt with at machine speed.

Benefits of Security Case Management on the Logsign’s SOAR platform

Logsign features a case management component that depends on human-to-human interaction coupled with human-to-machine interaction. Human-to-human interaction means collaboration and discussion between security team members while human-to-machine interactions revolve around the interaction between the SOAR platform and security professionals. As teams and security tools move forward in the same direction, response times for each case is minimized, and seamless workflow is possible. Further, for each case, the process owner can assign specific roles to each security professionals that increases accountability in the team. Some of the benefits of Security Case Management on the Logsign’s SOAR platform are highlighted below.

Benefits of Security Case Management on the Logsign’s SOAR platform

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