What is Real Time Cyber Attack Map?

22.01.2020 Read
What is Real Time Cyber Attack Map?

Real time cyber attack maps offer us an insight on the attacks going on around the globe. They sure are eye candies, but do they have any use? Read our article to learn more.

Although their extent, kind and intent changes, one thing about cyber attacks remain the same: They never stop. At any given moment, there are hundreds of cyber attacks happening. With the increasing digitalization of data and our businesses, cyber attacks have grown in number and started to target all sizes of organizations instead of just the big ones. In fact, recent studies show that cyber attackers show greater tendencies to target smaller organizations assuming that they would spend less resources and pay less attention to their cyber security.

If you want to know more about ongoing cyber attacks, follow trends and update the security measures of your organization accordingly, keeping an eye on real time cyber attack maps can be very useful for you. But it must be remembered that one of the most important pieces of information in cyber security industry is the context. Seeing the colourful dots and lines running across the screen may not mean much to you or any other cybersecurity professional. Knowing that there is a DDoS attack happening somewhere in Africa does not prove or say anything. Knowing the context, extent, intent and such allows you to learn or gather actionable information.

Below you can find some real time cyber attack maps which can be fun, useful or both for you to view.


One of the most popular real time cyber attack maps is the one developed by Norse. The company has previously stated that the attacks illustrated on their map are based on a portion of live flows against the Norse honeypot infrastructure.

The most interesting feature of this map is the fact that you can add your organization’s logo on it while viewing it online.


Being one of the most well known cyber security corporations, Kaspersky offers an interesting and unique spherical map. You can rotate, zoom in and out to take a better look at this real time cyber attack map. According to Kaspersky’s statement, the information illustrated on the map is extracted from on-demand scans, web scans and e-mail detections of Kaspersky users.


The real time monitor presented by Akami differs from average real time cyber attack maps in regards to the content. Akami offers information of traffic on the internet in addition to the ongoing attacks. In other words, you can see the regions that have the most internet traffic along with the regions that are targeted by most attacks.

Arbor Networks

Arbor Networks collaborated with Google Ideas to create this real time cyber attack map. The most interesting feature of this map is its hybrid nature. It shows DDoS attacks and uses the data provided by Arbor’s threat intelligence system, ATLAS. Moreover, you can filter the items on the map by their size and type.

Trend Micro

In this real time cyber attack map by Trend Micro, you can find a live map that shows C&C (command & control) servers that are used by botnets.

You should also check real time security threats in order to understand  real time cyber security extensively.

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