The Importance of Cybersecurity Programming Languages for DevOps

14.10.2019 Read
The Importance of Cybersecurity Programming Languages for DevOps

In the past year, adoption of DevOps has increased by nearly 10 percent. Most business owners realize that in order to bring together the marketing and IT side of their business together during the development of new software or web-based apps, they have to use the DevOps and Agile methodologies. When developing a new piece of software or a web-based app, the main goal a team should have is keeping it secure. In most cases, a lot of sensitive information will be exchanged on these programs or apps. Without the right security measures in place, it will be easy for cyber-criminals to infiltrate a piece of software or web-based app and compromise the information contained in it. Here you can see the most common web application security mistakes While having things like iron-clad secured servers and network monitoring software in place is helpful when trying to keep hackers at bay, developers will have to do more to ensure the security of their program. This is why using the right programming languages during the development process is so crucial. Read below to find out more about how programming languages and cybersecurity can work hand in hand.

Developers Use Python to Conduct Analyses

Python is perhaps the most popular programming language on the planet. For most developers, using Python to complete the role in a DevOps project is crucial. Not only can this programming language be suited to automate a variety of different tasks, it also can be used to conduct an audit to find malware issues. Thanks to SOAR solutions of Logsign, you can easily detect advanced malware threats and convert them into actionable points for effective redressal.One of the main reasons why this programming language is so widely used for cybersecurity is due to the vast library of premade templates on the market. A SOC support specialist will need to be brought in to ensure the tools and scripts used in a development project are safe. Failing to do this can lead to hackers using script kiddie or programs like AutoSpolit to find and exploit Python errors. Using logs and artifacts to uncover the root cause of a malware infiltration. With the help of Papertrail features like the Python logger, you can easily find and fix the issues your program has.

JavaScript is Widely Used For Cybersecurity

The programming language known as JavaScript is also widely used in DevOps projects. With this programming language, a website can run just about any code they want for the visitor. Not only can this improve the functionality of the site, it can lead to a better user experience. However, a knowledgeable hacker can take control of this code and use it for nefarious purposes. It is the job of a JavaScript web engineer to develop various processes for API functionals. The main goal you should have in this position is eliminating the possibility of cross-site scripting in web forms.

C Programming Language Can Be Helpful

Are you in the process of trying to  scan vulnerabilities or reverse engineer code to see how hackers infiltrated and application, website or software program? If so, then using the C programming language is a great option. Since the 70s, developers have used C to create low-level code that is both easy to read and devoid of vulnerabilities. In the hands of a knowledgeable hacker, C can be used to find and exploit the vulnerabilities in a web-based app or software program. Using C to develop threat mitigation strategies, vulnerability assessments and to detect coding errors is essential. The hard work you put into developing C-based security tools will be worth it in the long run.

Testing Your New App or Software Program

The key to catching and fixing security vulnerabilities is adequate testing. The time and energy invested in this testing process will be worth it considering the information it can provide.

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