How SOAR Improves Threat Detection

23.10.2019 Read
How SOAR Improves Threat Detection - Logsign

SOAR solutions have been on the rise within the framework of cyber security practices. As a result, the use cases and benefits of SOAR have been being discussed recently. In this article, we will take a closer look at how SOAR can improve the overall security posture and threat detection performance of your organization.

What is SOAR?

SOAR (or Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) is the term that refers to the union of three different branches of cyber security practices: security orchestration and automation, security incident response, and threat intelligence. With this mighty union, it is possible to manage massive amounts of security data and incidents gathered from numerous sources. As a result, SOAR allows the cyber security professionals to analyse the security posture of an organization, foresee and take necessary precautions against security incidents, and perform better in identifying and remediating threats.

What is threat detection?

Being one of the essential practices in cyber security, threat detection refers to the methods and processes that allows the detection and identification of threats that could potentially hurt your organization. Threat detection requires the use various tools and a meticulous approach to data collection and analysis. In order to successfully conduct threat detection operations, your security team needs to define the normal behaviour across your systems and networks. It may seem an easy and straightforward task but in order to set a sound baseline, your team needs to sift through a gigantic amount of data. After successfully defining the ‘normal’ activity, the actual detection process begins.

The aim of threat detection is identifying any activity and/or behaviour that deviates from the ‘normal.’ Once a deviation is detected, the next move is assessment. In order to response appropriately, you need to know how serious the threat is, and within what context it occurred. Then, you can plan your response and decide what is the best action to mitigate the issue. As of today, all organizations create massive amounts of data almost regardless of their size. That is why it is rather more difficult but nonetheless vital to comb through this data and detect any threats. Due to the sheer volume of the information that needs to be analysed, it is highly possible to miss some clues and fail to stop a full blown attack at an early stage. That is why various tools such as SOAR are gaining popularity amongst security professionals with their ability to process data. You might also want to check our page threat hunting playbook in order to learn about threat hunting

How SOAR can help with threat detection?

With the tools and opportunities offered by SOAR, your security team’s ability to respond to security incidents is enhanced significantly. SOAR allows a fast and thorough analysis of big amounts of data. Thus, you can set a sound baseline with the help of comprehensive data and easily detect any suspicious behaviour even though the traffic of your network is pretty heavy. Moreover, SOAR offers unprecedented indicent response solutions with the help of insights provided by its considerable data processing capabilities. With SOAR solutions, your security professionals have the chance to work smarter and more efficient. SOAR provides higher quality intelligence since it gathers information from a wide array of sources: SIEM, firewalls, logs, UEBA, intrusion detection tools and such. As a result, your security team can make informed decisions faster and better.

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