How Log Monitoring Helps Cyber Security?

28.08.2019 Read
How Log Monitoring Helps Cyber Security?

Logs have been important actors of cyber security environments for a while now. In this article, we will take a closer look on log monitoring and how it can help cyber security operations of your business. Whichever industry your business operates in, your teams and operations rely on information technologies in order to be more productive. It is no secret that a single computer or a similar device contains sensitive information that can cover thousands of pages in paper. On a daily basis, gigabytes, maybe even terabytes of such information regarding your business and operations travel at least tens of computing devices.

During this fast and dangerous journey, the data is exposed to cyber attacks because of the numerous vulnerable features of the stops it makes along the way. That is why, regardless of the size of your business operations, your systems must always have strong and up to date security measures. Most of the time, the sensitive information kept inside is way more valuable than the hardware itself. Thus many attacks and thieves focus on the data instead of hefty and difficult to carry hardware. An attacker can opt for various strategies such as identity theft, log forging, malware, and social engineering.

Therefore, keeping the networks and systems of your business is an ongoing task that keeps evolving and your IT security team needs the best tools to do their job properly. In this challenging journey, monitoring and log data are very prominent tools. You can check the article here to learn more about the importance of log management. (link: /blog/why-is-log-management-more-important-than-ever)

What is Log Monitoring?

Almost all systems and software generate detailed logs: IDS, internet browsers, anti-malware software, routers, operating systems, firewalls, servers etc. As a result, a massive amount of log files is created every single day. These logs contain very crucial information in regard to the wellbeing and efficiency of your business. That is why you need to review your log files regularly and analyse the data they provide. In relation to cyber security, log data points out to the red flags in your systems: unusual behaviour, unauthorized access, extreme traffic, suspicious changes and such. Through log monitoring, you can detect malicious attacks and threats. Yet considering the fact that various components of your systems generate ample amounts of log data every single day, it is almost impossible to go through them manually. That is why log monitoring software is a must have for your security operations.

What Does Log Monitoring Software Do?

Such software can fullfill essential steps of log management as discussed below: Collection: Log monitoring software must be able to collect log data from various sources. Sometimes such sources ay opt for encryption, thus it is best that a log management tool has more than one way of collecting log data.

Log monitoring and management software must be able to keep record of the logs due to compliance requirements.

You must be able to index your logs so that you can find what you are looking for through the help of filters and tags.

Log monitoring helps you detect ongoing threats but also it helps you to discover any weak spots on the façade of your IT security. To do so, log monitoring & management software brings together the log data gathered from numerous sources and detect vulnerabilities and potential problems before they occur. In conclusion, efficient log monitoring is useful in both troubleshooting and prevention. That is why your business must implement effective log management solutions.

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