Cyber Security for Chemical Industry

26.08.2020 Read
Cyber Security for Chemical Industry

Physical or cyber, security is one of the most essential concerns for chemical industry. In this article, we will take a closer look at the cybersecurity requirements. Keep reading to learn more!

With the advancements in the technology and Internet of Things, most processes related to the production, shipment and storage of chemicals heavily rely on the automation and cyber solutions. While making our lives easier and processes of production faster, such a degree of automation also poses some serious vulnerabilities. In this article, we will discuss how you can make sure that your chemical plant, factory, storage unit or shipment service is safe.

What is Cyber Security?

The term cybersecurity refers to the practices and processes that aim to protect computer networks, devices and other cyber assets from data leakages, cyber attacks and/or unauthorized access.

Cyber security practices can be applied to a wide range of areas including but not limited to the military, commerce, law enforcement, infrastructure, intelligence, judicial, interior and information systems. As the technology develops and internet technologies become more and more integrated into our business processes and daily lives, the application area of cyber security grows significantly.

In order to make sure that your organization, data and assets are safe from hackers, cyber attackers and various other malicious agents, cyber security employs numerous different methods borrowed from many disciplines like computer science, criminology, cryptology and information systems.

The aims of cyber security practices can be categorized under availability, confidentiality, integrity, authentication and nonrepudiation. Parallel to these goals and the vulnerabilities of your organization, unique cyber security measures can be designed and implemented.

What are cyber attacks?

A cyber attack can be defined as an attempt to gain unauthorized access to steal, expose, alter, destroy sensitive information. In order to attain their goal, cyber attackers can employ various different methods including social engineering, catfishing, denial of service attacks, malware and more.

Why does your organization need cyber security?

If your organization is part of chemical industry, cyber attacks can seriously harm it in different ways. For instance, a cyber attack can cause:

  • Component damage. Safety limits violation or equipment overstress are prime examples of component damage. As a result of component damage, your employees and/or customers can get seriously injured, your organization can lose money, or the reputation of your brand can be harmed.
  • Production damage: Production damage can affect maintenance efforts, product quality, operating costs and production rate. Any damage to your means or process of production can be very, very costly.
  • Compliance violation: Cyber attacks may cause some serious compliance violations which can lead to safety issues, high pollution or violation of contractual treaties. Moreover, compliance violations may cause negative press and financial loss.

What can be done to keep your organization safe?

If you want to keep your organization safe from cyber threats, you should consider employing tailor made solutions like SIEM or SOAR. Contact us to learn more about how SIEM and SOAR can help you enhance the security posture of your organization and how you can implement an automated security solution for the prevention of potential losses.

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