Logsign & Palo Alto Networks

Improving Security via Automated Actions on Palo Alto Next Generation Firewalls

Logsign and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to deliver heightened awareness to enterprises. Integrated seamslessly, Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls send logs into Logsign via Syslog in a rich context including all user and application activities.

In addition to detecting any anomalies on a single or multiple IP addresses, this seamless integration allows Logsign to take automated actions on firewalls.

.Automated Actions

.Real-Time Detection

Logsign and Palo Alto Networks for integrated enterprise security enable:

  • Improved security on enterprise-wide networks.
  • Correlation covering all network devices.
  • Real-Time detection and analytics-driven approach.
  • Detailed parsing and normalization.
  • Automated incident responses.

How Does Logsign Response Automatically?

Logsign reads the pre-defined rules and rule fields such as source, destination, action and many others on Palo Alto Networks firewalls. If there is a match between the detected IP address and the rules, Logsign adds that IP address to the dynamic IP list. By the way acts automatically as it is defined in that rule.

Real-Time Anomaly Detection via Clear & User-Friendly Dashboards