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As a next-gen, all-in-one SIEM solution, Logsign is primarily focused on Security Intelligence, Log Management and easier Compliance Reporting. Unifies the view and monitoring of cloud and local data, increases awareness via smartly designed, security-oriented dashboards. Provides clear understanding of machine data and enables reliable, actionable insights in real time.

  • Deployment is easy and takes minutes. After easy configuration Logsign is ready to start.
  • Logsign has scalable architecture both vertically and horizontally. Data on cloud gets bigger and bigger, Logsign scales.
  • Provides high visibility about what’s going on your data. User-friendly, customizable next-gen dashboards are security analytics oriented and gives you understandable, actionable insights.
  • Deploy on cloud, hybrid and local environments easily with the help of more than 200 ready integrations and free plug-ins.

After you have installed Logsign and configured your appliances, Logsign Focus SIEM V4.0 BYOL is currently available. For the licences, please send e-mail to

Logging on all applications, virtual machines and any sources on Azure and compliance requirements are met with Logsign Focus SIEM V4.0 BYOL which has the same capabilities with on-premise Logsign SIEM solutions.

Logsign is Microsoft's Official Partner and ready for deployment on Azure Marketplace.

Key Features

  • Compliance for multiple government and industry regulations PCI DSS, FISMA, NERC, SOX, HIPAA, ISO, GLBA, 5651.
  • Easy to deploy via more than 200 predefined integrations and free plugins.
  • Scalable architecture.
  • User friendly platform.
  • Availability, backup and faster indexing via HDFS embedded NoSQL architecture.
  • Enterprise clustering, high volume data indexing and unlimited storage.
  • Comprehensive Log Management.
  • Real time and drill down search, accurate and reliable in seconds.
  • Hundreds of predefined or customizable reports, dashboards and alerts.
  • Analytics driven web based reports.
  • Multi-user and role based delegation.