Logsign & LOGbinder

Extended Auditing for SQL Server

Enterprises need to have strong security postures against attacks, any threats, critical events, forensic investigations and compliances such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA…

Databases are at the heart of your businesses where every kind of data is stored. Sql server databases also store lots of business data may even include critical, confidential data and any financial information.

Quick Response via Predefined Dashboards

Automated Security Actions via Alert Module

Automated Compliance Reports

Advanced, User-Friendly Search

What can happen to SQL Server Databases?

  • Security policy changes
  • Modification to databases
  • Changes in permissions
  • Exports of highly confidential data
  • Attacks on the database level

Intelligent SIEM for SQL Servers

Logsign and Logbinder’s synergetic partnership gives you comprehensive SQL database auditing in regard to over 300 SQL server logs which are highly visualized to help you easily understand what’s happening.

Event Mapping identifies all logs and events according to general category, type and subtypes. This saves efforts and time for organizations.

Providing many predefined, ready-to-install alerts and reports also helps to be and stay compliant. Auditing reports are seamlessly accessible and in addition to that enabling customers to create their own rules and reports are readily available as soon as logs are collected from Logbinder. Logsign also creates alerts via the advanced alert module for over 300 individual events in seconds.