Media Entertainment

Continuous broadcasting of media is critical as Media & Entertainment industry often faces external attacks, external and insider threats and vulnerabilities that affect both security and broadcasting.

Logsign is the single, full featured platform that can also be used for server management besides log management, compliance requirements and application management.

Companies need to understand more and more the behavior of visitors and traffic flow on websites. This data is also significantly important for marketing departments to increase traffic, both unique visitors and the time spent on site.

In media and entertainment industry, IT departments use Logsign as a SIEM solution, while marketing & sales departments take advantage of identifying customer related data effectively and clearly by customized simple screens.


  • Online services domination.
  • High capacity web traffic analysis.
  • Advanced delegation and authorization management.
  • Improve customer experience.
  • Scaling, load balancing and restructuring of the system.
  • Real time data monitoring and high volume data indexing with non-limited capacity.
  • Backup massive amounts of data both live and offline, centralized or distributed.
  • Processes multi machine data with support for distributed backup and storage.
  • HDFS embedded architecture provides availability & backup & fast indexing ability.
  • NoSQL architecture provides faster indexing than traditional SQL solutions.
  • Simple deployment.
  • Vertically & Horizontally scalable according to business growth.

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