Public & Government

Logsign is an enterprise wide, all­ in­ one SIEM solution that unifies security analytics, compliance, log management, file integrity & host activity monitoring and network forensics. User friendly, flexible, customizable platform and fast running ability makes Logsign a preferred provider for Public & Government sector.


  • Logsign provides Compliance to ISO 27000 series, PCI DSS, SOX, 5651, HIPAA, NERC, GLBA and FISMA.
  • Monitoring file integrity & host activities.
  • User friendly, customizable interface.
  • Managing human resources, costs and security is easy through multi-user and role based delegation.
  • Provides real time security analytics.
  • Backup massive amount of data both live and offline, centralized or distributed.
  • Processes multi machine data with support for distributed backup and storage.
  • HDFS embedded architecture provides availability & backup & fast indexing ability.
  • NoSQL architecture provides faster indexing than traditional SQL solutions.
  • Simple deployment.
  • Vertically & Horizontally scalable according to business growth.

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