Financial Services

Strict auditing requirements, geographically distributed locations, external threats, vulnerabilities or insider threats against sensitive data permanently challenge the financial services industry. Logsign meets critical compliance and industry requirements. Improves the security level of customer information, providing a second security layer with reputation data and reinforcing network security by multilayer security reports, intelligent identity, reliable access management and quick alerts.


  • Logsign provides Compliance to SOX, GLBA, PCI DSS, 5651 and ISO 27000 series.
  • Intelligent identity and access management.
  • Real time data monitoring and high volume data indexing with non-limited capacity.
  • Provides real time security analytics.
  • Limiting access to customer information with multi-user and role based delegation tools against insider threats.
  • Backup massive amounts of data both live and offline, centralized or distributed.
  • Processes multi machine data with support for distributed backup and storage.
  • HDFS embedded architecture provides availability & backup & fast indexing ability.
  • NoSQL architecture provides faster indexing than traditional SQL solutions.
  • Simple deployment.
  • Vertically & Horizontally scalable according to business growth.

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