File Integrity Monitoring

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is a key component of any information security program. FIM is an internal control or process that makes sure that files and folders have integrity; that is to say, operating systems, program components and configuration files have not been damaged or manipulated over a certain time interval. This enables organizations to protect sensitive information from malware attacks, loss and reduce specific risks such as misuse of privileged access, unplanned or unauthorized changes to files and compliance failures.

File Integrity Monitoring allows you to track all attackers’ activities and provides comprehensive forensic investigation for suspected malicious network events through easy and fast search capability. In many cases, it reduces the duration of the forensic investigation of criminal records from days to hours, even minutes. At the same time, file integrity monitoring helps to achieve security breaches and prevent it from occurring again.

File activity and integrity monitoring provides critical information by detecting zero-day malware and Advanced Persistence Threats (APTs). It also provides insight into insider activity.

Logsign’s true, hash-based file integrity monitoring capability allows security professionals to identify centrally all changes and modifications to files and folders to indicate whether files and folders have been created, accessed, viewed, deleted, modified, renamed or more over time. Real-time alert notification can be created upon changes occurring to their files and folders.

Logsign File Integrity Monitoring enables you to gain visibility into Operating Systems and registry file data on Windows-based devices, laptops, desktops and servers. Logsign is also integrated with Endpoint Security Applications. In this way, monitoring can be performed via the file integrity module of this application.

Get Real-time Alerts on Critical Changes

Logsign provides instant alert notifications for critical changes to files and folders.

Monitors All File and Folder Types

Logsign monitors many file types such as executable files, folders, system configuration files, content files, zipped files, zipped folders, and more.

Complete Audit Trail

Intelligent alerts are delivered by Logsign with a detailed security information for auditing. Audit trail answers the 'what was changed, when the change was made, where the change was made, who made the change and whether the change was authorized' questions for all changes in real time!

Meet Compliance Requirements

File integrity monitoring is indicated as a requirement by organizations to meet regulatory compliance standards such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), etc.

File Integrity Reporting and Scheduling

Logsign creates extensive reports with accurate integrity details. Reports can be generated in various formats such as PDF, CSV.

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