Energy & Utilities

The Energy and Utility industry is exposed to most of the cyber-attacks around the world. Challenges include protecting critical infrastructure and nation’s power assets, and analyzing mission critical applications like SCADA. These applications and other devices cause pressure due to their non­standard natures making the data collection process harder for cyber security.


  • Logsign provides Compliance to NERC.
  • Analysis of mission critical applications like SCADA and other devices.
  • Real Time Monitoring of systems.
  • Collecting data from thousands of external networks.
  • Smart infrastructure for disaster recovery.
  • Guarantee of 99.99% system uptime.
  • Managing human resources, costs and security is easy with multi-user and role based delegation.
  • Backup massive amounts of data both live and offline, centralized or distributed.
  • Processes multi machine data with support for distributed backup and storage.
  • HDFS embedded architecture provides availability & backup & fast indexing ability.
  • NoSQL architecture provides faster indexing than traditional SQL solutions.
  • Simple deployment.
  • Vertically & Horizontally scalable according to business growth.

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