Behavior Analysis

Preventative security measures are often unsuccessful, with new polymorphic malware, and zero day exploits. Therefore, it is important to be on the watch for intruders. Context is critical when evaluating system and network behavior. Today establishing a successful security prevention with security measures is not enough to be secure. It is inevitable to trail system, network and user activities and analyze their behaviors.

Behavior Analysis (BA) functionality starts gathering data to help you understand “normal” system and network activity. A normal “system, network, user” activity can be followed through behavior analysis. Behavior analysis simplifies the incident response while investigating an operational issue or potential security incident. Behavioral analysis provides taking a whole picture of the system, user and network anomalies.

BA is based on the idea that by knowing which users are on a system and what they are doing with their activities and file access patterns. Ultimately, the software has to derive a profile that describes what it means to be that user. So when a hacker steals the user’s credentials and accesses data that he rarely visits, his activities will now differ from the profile.

Logsign has a definitive EventMap integration to classify user activities of all sources integrated with Logsign. EventMap provides the ability to find out user’s activities throughout the process; which users are on the system, what the users are doing, which file is accessed and which system is used by users to deduce User Behavior Analysis. In this way, the difference between hacker and normal user activities will be understood. In many cases, it reduces the duration of the forensic investigation of criminal records from days to hours, even minutes. At the same time, file integrity monitoring helps to uncover security breaches and prevent it from occurring again.

Logsign Behavior Analysis helps in these areas:

  • Real-time correlation and behavioral anomaly detection by identifying jeopardous threats.
  • Detect vulnerabilities, manage risks and identify high-priority incidents among extreme volumes of data.
  • Obtain visibility into network, application and user activities.
  • Broad in scope incident forensic analysis to investigate and prevent malicious activity.
  • Events and monitoring which do not perform an expected pattern or do not have a good baseline are expressed as anomalies or outlier behavior. Logsign identifies changes in behavior related to applications, network, user and hosts.
  • We capture the whole image of the system, therefore normal and abnormal activities can be determined on a system.
  • Logsign enables you to find patterns and baseline within your data that we know to be bad, and then learn and inference the behavior to signal when similar behavior patterns are detected.
  • It provides the ability to trigger alerts when a previous malware event is detected again.

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