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bots and playbooks

Make it your own! Optimize Efficiency of your SOC with built-in bots and playbooks

interactive bots and playbooks

Take the advantage of the force multiplier effect on your overloaded CSIRT.

Bots listen to playbooks and communicate with each other for the seamless progress of workflows and resolution of security cases. By taking actions, bots provide a real force multiplier effect on your human resources.

For identifying playbook and bots, DSL, visual editor or script editor can be used alternatively in Logsign Security Orchestration, Automation and Response platform. Coding is not necessary but optional.

logsign bot

high ROI on your cyber security operations

Keep your team agile. work smarter, response faster.

Every day increasing threats, alerts, security devices, repetitive alerts, manual operations and security staff shortages cause overloaded security teams. Therefore, when there is an urgent or top priority security event, they are not able to intervene in time as they cannot focus.

logsign soar platform
logsign soar platform

Manual processes are decreased and repetitive/time-consuming alerts are automated by orchestration and automation. With the help of the automation of playbooks, bots and tools, and documentation and standardization of workflows and processes, the effective operation of the teams is ensured. When low profile repetitive tasks are automated, the wasted time is re-earned, this makes it possible to use your team power accurately and effectively. All the necessary and required knowhow, documented and standardized workflows and processes are stored in the platform for orchestration and collaboration of teams and tools, to provide maximum efficiency to your SOC.

An accurate and effective operating team, on the other hand, can focus more on the correct, prior tasks and respond in a shorter time. Thus, possible damages are minimized and the time spent is reduced. Orchestration and automation multiplies your team force and ensures that security events are managed in a secure and focused way.