SOAR Use Cases

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence (TI) feeds play a crucial role in the identification of new indicators of compromise (IOCs). A manual process requiring a security analyst to check an alert with existing IOCs will be a tedious task. It will further involve checking TI feeds, preparing mitigation measures, and eventually starting with the actual mitigation. This duration may turn out to be a sufficient time for the attackers to disrupt your business operations.

How to ensure automated IOC detection using TI feeds


Business Process Analysis

It may take a security analyst for up to 40 minutes to undertake the manual process. However, with the help of automation, Logsign SOAR cuts down this time to 1-2 minutes.



Logsign SOAR provides SOCs with a quick way of ensuring that their security operations rely on the latest TI feeds. As soon as a SOC team detects an IOC, it initiates mitigation measures to prevent harm to the organization’s IT infrastructure. It reduces the mean time to respond (MTTR), minimizes overall security risks, and enables your team to provide a swift response to real threats.

Other SOAR Use Cases