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Logsign Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Platform

Just Enough Process in Just Enough Time

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WHY Logsign SOAR Platform?

Logsign Security Orchestration, Automation and Response platform is a simple solution that brings people, processes and technology together. It allows you take response activities in your security infrastructure by orchestrating security devices and the team on a single workbench. To create a coherent security ecosystem, automates repetitive tasks, standardizes workflows, tracks and prioritizes incidents, drives auto-documentation and communication among team members to share insights and knowhow.

Logsign SOAR empowers SOC operations and has a force multiplier effect on the CSIRT.

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Security Orchestration and Automation

Orchestrate Your Tools and the Team With Logsign SOAR Platform

Bringing the security team, processes and technology together to move in the same direction to create a holistic harmony and coordination for a strong cyber security infrastructure.

With the help of Logsign SOAR platform, your team does not work harder and be overloaded, they just work smarter, focus on the prior important security events and respond faster.

Built-in Integrations

Bots and Playbooks

Contribution and Collaboration


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Incident Management

On Time Response, Automate or Escalate to the Team

Comprehensive Incident Management form start to end. Automation of tools and contribution of security team, documented, standardized Incident Response processes.

All these are possible in Logsign SOAR platform, providing a collaborative environment. In an automated and collaborative environment, Incident Response is always given on time with an effective intervention.

Modern Security Case Management

Interactive Investigation

Workflow Management

Single Workbench

soar bots and playbooks

Bots and Playbooks

All in Action. Keep Your Business Going

interactive bots, customizable, drag-and-drop playbooks. By virtue of the Logsign bots, security teams performance grow exponentially. Human resource shortages, repetitive alarms, event investigation and task resolution are managed smartly.

Provides orchestration, automation and workflows progress seamlessly.

Visual Playbook Editor

Customize, Personalize

DSL Editor

Easy to Use