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ADO Mining and ADO Cement Companies

Information Technology Manager

Real time demo accelerated our decision-making process and we appreciated buying a solution from Logsign among many other known solutions in the SIEM market. Logsign provides us a smart solution and a close after sales support. They met all our needs. Deployment and data monitoring are simple and fast. Compliance requirements, reporting capabilities and early breach detection make our systems strong and reliable. We know that we can always rely on Logsign.


Mitsubishi Electric Turkey

IT Manager

Our main concern was centralized management of geographically dispersed branch offices. We needed a solution because of detected anomalies of user behaviors in the traffic among inter branch offices. After all analysis, we detected botnet attacks. We trusted Logsign and succeeded in preventing vulnerabilities.


Özyeğin University

Information Systems, System & Network Manager

Logsign was the best fit for our needs. Our tender process did not take long at all, because we received all relevant technical answers very quickly. The solution helped us save time, workload and resources with predefined reports, real time response, user-friendly interface and free plugins. Logsign experts’ technical proficiency gave us the confidence we needed. As soon as our team started to use it, we already detected many network attacks on our dashboards.


Simit Sarayı

Director of Information Technologies

Simit Sarayi is a food chain with many sales points around the world. When searching a captive portal and log management solution our main concerns were security and continuity. Logsign with its clustering infrastructure provides us a continuous system for all our restaurants. Now we can monitor our network real time and detect anomalies easily. We prevent vulnerabilities and increase our uptime performance. Additionally, we use Logsign to monitor user behaviors to get relevant marketing insights. Our marketing department analyses these to develop new strategies.



IT Risk and Compliance Manager

We work with Logsign primarily because of our needs for compliance, so having a user-friendly solution fitted our needs perfectly. Logsign’s competitive price/performance made it a preferred solution for us among other alternatives. Presales stage and changeover happens smoothly and successfully. Predefined websense and firewall integrations provide us early breach detections. Digging into details saves us time when having troubles on active directory accounts. We benefit from easy compliance reporting with predefined reports.


Ataturk University

Information Systems Specialist

Recently we changed our SIEM solution. In our purchase decision, we had a preference for more effective security management, so we chose Logsign because it works like a second security layer. As real time monitoring, real time and historical search capabilities are key values for us, we quickly appreciated Logsign. It works fast and is very easy to use.


Balikesir University


Information security is the main focus for our university. Our main requirements are correlation and real time monitoring capabilities. Logsign correlates all data and allows us to be aware of our entire network. This fitted our needs.


Gaziosmanpasa Municipality

Information Security Specialist

Information security is the main focus for our municipality. We needed a SIEM solution for correlation capability and real time monitoring. After a quick demo, we realized Logsign correlates all security data and makes us be aware of our network easily. After quick deployment, we detected external attacks on our SQL database with an alert of anomaly, so we could quickly secure our data and network.


Kecioren Municipality

Head of Information Systems Department

Logsign is a cost-efficient solution, which comes with fast search and reporting capabilities. We like to use Logsign as it allows us monitor all security and network devices and servers on a single interface. Therefore, we can increase and keep our uptime performance high.


Eksim Investment Group

System and Network Manager

Logsign deployment is fast and easy. Our team is satisfied with both presales and after sales performance and the support team always resolved our issues on time. We are pleased with our entire Logsign experience.


Emlak Konut GYO

Information System Manager

Our references helped us choose Logsign. We soon realize that it was the right solution for us. Both at presales and after sales levels, the technical staff was fulfilling our needs efficiently. Overall Logsign team was great to work with.


Mobile Express


We chose Logsign to fulfill our PCI DSS compliance requirements. Predefined reports were very useful to pass auditing stages easily. Deployment was fast and smooth. We really appreciate the easy to use platform.


Turkuaz Media

Digital Media Systems Group Manager

During the tender period POC performance impressed us. We also experienced a qualified presales team and technical support. Logsign performed well on both POC and deployment. The support team was reliable and helped us with our concerns. We could detect configuration errors in a very short period.



IT Manager

Logsign is a great solution. We could correlate all the data from our head office and five different worksites, while monitor all network and internet access to enjoy an effective security management.