Monitor in Real Time &
Automate PCI DSS Compliance

To automate compliance needs Logsign provides a single platform. Customers benefit from all the advantages of easy compliance reporting with high level reports while updated versions meet all requirements.PCI posture is continuously monitored for all network connections and changes made to firewall and router configurations. Logsign has the ability to track user activities critical in preventing, detecting or minimizing the impact of compromised data.As mandated by PCI, Logsign collects logs in a secure way to manage and analyze log data to meet PCI audit requirements.

Logsign identifies, categorizes and normalizes log data to enable easy analysis and reporting. Log and machine data collection, archiving and recovery are fully automated across the entire IT infrastructure.In Logsign platform, log review is automated by creating correlation content. Matching related events triggers automatically notifications. Moreover, creating rules for real time detected threats can trigger notifications in sms or e-mail formats.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is widely accepted as a set of security standards that serve to protect cardholder information against security breaches and to optimize the security of credit, debit and cash card transactions. PCI DSS is required for all entities that store, process and transmit cardholder data.

PCI DSS Requirements

PCI DSS specifies and elaborates on six major objectives. See below, explained how Logsign examines the milestones of PCI DSS compliance.

Build and Maintain a Secure Network

Logsign supports all perimeter security devices such as firewalls, routers and IDS/IPS. The platform watches over insecure protocols, services and ports opened on terminal devices and detects all unauthorized network connections to/from an organization's IT assets while monitoring for inbound and outbound traffic not destined to legitimate servers. Logsign checks how traffic is flowing across the DMZ to/from the internal but publicly accessible services. Additionally Logsign safeguards default configurations and settings, user account and password changes. This is critical in defense against malicious attacks, as default configurations and passwords are often targeted by malicious users.

Protect Cardholder Data

Logsign monitors the network to verify if cardholder data is properly protected and if proper protocols are being used in cardholder data environment. When unauthorized or unencrypted services are being used, Logsign creates alerts and reports.

Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program

Logsign monitors both the current state of anti-virus software and malware solutions as well as signature versions. About virus and malware detection as well as allowed/denied network traffic in network environments Logsign provides detailed information timely via reports. It creates an alarm when an abnormal activity is detected.

Implement Strong Access Control Measure

All categories such as access attempts, privileged access, host authentication or application access can be monitored and reported as part of Logsign solution. Take a whole picture of user and access records with five “W”s: When did the activity occur? Where is the system being used? Who is the identifier? (This is typically an IP address.) What is the event or the description of the event? Why is the question for purpose of the action? Review all user activities and access controls with high-level reports and clear dashboards.

Regularly Monitor and Test Networks

Logsign is an extensive solution for audit trail as it collects, archives, manages and analyzes forensic data records to meet PCI audit requirements. Logsign provides a tracking system to review daily history. Determine and easily look for suspicious events with its fast search and visualization.

Maintain an Information Security Policy

Browse through reports and dashboards about vendor management activity, vendor authentication successes/failures and remote session timeouts. View detailed information about security events such as attacks, malware, suspicious activity and compromises.

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