Key Features

Logsign is a full feature, all-in-one SIEM solution. Logsign provides clear understanding of machine data and enables reliable, actionable insights in real time. Improve your security while remaining compliant.

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  • Compliance for multiple government and industry regulations PCI DSS, FISMA, NERC, SOX, HIPAA, ISO, GLBA, 5651.
  • Easy to deploy via more than 200 predefined integrations and free plugins.
  • Scalable architecture.
  • User friendly platform.
  • Availability, backup and faster indexing via HDFS embedded NoSQL architecture.
  • Enterprise clustering, high volume data indexing and unlimited storage.
  • Comprehensive Log Management.
  • Real time and drill down search, accurate and reliable results in seconds.
  • Hundreds of predefined or customizable reports, dashboards and alerts.
  • Analytics driven web based reports.
  • Multi-user and role based delegation.

Simple and Flexible Deployment

Deployment simplicity is the major factor when searching for a SIEM solution. While traditional solutions’ deployment can take long or cause costly delays, Logsign can be deployed on all physical, virtual and cloud environments easily. Use deployment cases with top clients have shown that in 90% of deployments it takes less than a week.

Simple and flexible deployment via more than 200 kinds of ready integrations with firewalls, IPS, endpoint security systems, routers, web servers, wireless devices, cloud sources and databases. Some of integrated systems are Cisco, Trendmicro, Juniper, Websense, Sonicwall, Oracle and Microsoft. For additional integrations and other packaged HR, CRM and ERP applications Logsign provides free plugins.

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Next-Gen Scalable Architecture

Any size of enterprise especially depending on mission critical networks need to expand requirements for additional sources, users, higher volume data indexing, online and offline data backup, recovery and storage capabilities over time.

Logsign is vertically and horizontally scalable while providing unlimited capacity of storage, clustering and distributed service management.

HDFS embedded NoSQL architecture enables availability, live or offline backup on both centralized and distributed environments, faster indexing of high volume data and rapid access to stored data.

Logsign next generation scalable architecture allows timely decisions for teams who are involved in critical decisions that underpin success or failure. Nothing is more effective than agile decisions.

Comprehensive Data Collection

Logsign collects terabytes of logs and events in real time from hundreds of physical, virtual and cloud data sources via enterprise wide log collection techniques. Normalization of logs and events provide a clear understanding and makes it easy to understand and work on. Customization and effective management on log collection and storage capacity are clear benefits activated by Logsign Data Policy Manager.

Enterprise Wide Data Collection Techniques

WMI, Syslog, Oracle, SQL, CEF, File Share, NFS Share, FTP/SFTP, ODBC, LEA API.

Logsign Data Policy Manager

Logsign Data Policy Manager provides efficient log management and storage.

For every single log source it is possible to set rules. This increases the effectiveness of collection, storage and the performance of indexing. Flexible and customized rule setting respects any company policy and multiple regulations.

Event Normalization and Classification

After the collection of logs and events from heterogeneous sources, Logsign normalizes all data to provide a clear understanding making it easy to work on. It filters, parses and enriches log fields in many ways and unify them as Structured Fields. During the normalization process, Logsign classifies logs by an event mapping technique, related to source, context, type and subtype.

Real-Time Monitoring


Logsign provides fast and clear identification with its high performing search capability. HDFS and NoSQL architecture enables faster search and indexing than traditional solutions with responses in seconds revealing reliable and accurate results.

  • Real time, ad hoc and historical data search on a single interface.
  • Drill down search.
  • Filter and narrow search results.
  • Write new search queries easily.
  • Find root causes of events to get clear insights.

Alert and Correlation

Many and heterogeneous sources generates terabytes of logs and causes complexity. Logsign builds and identifies relationships among all types of logs and events, revealing a relative meaning with its risk based and rule based correlation capabilities. Turns search results into real time alerts.

Add easily new rules to Logsign’s correlation rule library or simply customize the existing ones. Logsign detects anomalies, any vulnerability or attacks and generates alerts. Benefit from hundreds of predefined alerts. New alerts can be easily added or customized. Logsign prioritizes the alerts, filters them before triggering IT teams.

Logsign triggers alerts to IT team members sharing via sms or email in order to inform them in real time and has the ability to automate security and take actions systematically to prevent vulnerabilities.

  • Hundreds of predefined alerts and flexible customization.
  • Ability to create new alerts.
  • Prioritization of alerts and filtering availability.
  • Ability to trigger via sms and email.
  • Risk based correlation.
  • Rule based correlation with a broad rule library.

User Activity, Data and Application Monitoring

Protecting sensitive data and monitoring user access points are crucial for enterprises and mission critical networks.

Logsign monitors all user activities and events data on a variety of integrated applications in real time to reveal and prevent vulnerabilities, targeted attacks and misuses. HR, ERP systems and all custom, in­-house developed or packaged applications can smoothly be integrated with Logsign.


Logsign provides simple and real time security monitoring with its predefined, web based dashboards and widgets.

Dashboards are user friendly, easy to read, allowing drill down analysis. They reveal actionable results to protect your business and improve your security.

Easily add new widgets and dashboards or simply customize the existing ones. Set prefered conditions to summarize or analyze details such as frequency of events. Logsign refreshes dashboards without any negative effects on your system performance in just seconds.

Logsign empowers you with the ability to delegate dashboards to predefined roles between your IT team or governance.

  • Real time, web based dashboards and widgets.
  • Hundreds of predefined dashboards and easy to use widgets.
  • Flexibility when creating or customizing new dashboards and widgets.
  • Drill down analysis.

Real-Time Reporting

Enjoy Logsign with its analytics driven, web based reports.

Logsign provides hundreds of predefined reports that are flexible to be customized or easily defined as new ones. Various types of predefined reports can be classified either as Vendor specific, Compliance or General reports.

To analyze a unique detail, create a similar report or study on an exact one, just clone a predefined report. Consequently make changes, edit or delete whatever needed. Predefined reports will always be there for you when you need it for later analyses.

Automate reports and share them in various formats such as .PDF or .Excel to related stakeholders or governance. Logsign real time reporting capabilities saves time, costs and reveals the whole at one glance.

Anomaly Detection

Logsign detects threats and anomalies in real time to provide a clear identification of your business and complement correlation capability to generate alerts to improve security.

Logsign also provides a second security layer for your network, enhancing its security by using reputation data feeds to increase early detection.

Role-Based Delegation

Extensive delegation ability is indispensable when business confidentiality constitutes an important concern with the need to personalize and restrict user access.

This helps managers to enjoy benefits of a focused security monitoring on one side, saving money and time for enterprises while it provides best governance practice to keep critical data confidential on the other.

Role or user based delegation is possible in order to enable delegation of dashboards, reports and personalized working environments.

Supertags helps to profile users. LDAP integration provides user authentication information and checks for eventual authorization. Both read and write authorization is possible.

Internal Auditing

Logsign provides quick compliance for requirements of governance and internal auditing.

Logsign fast performance enables real time reporting and update of customized ad hoc analyses and reports meeting requirements of governance and internal auditing in seconds.

Automated reports and dashboards are web based and analytics driven. They can be shared in various formats such as .PDF or .Excel to related stakeholders for good governance.

  • Real time, web based, analytics driven dashboards and reports.
  • Automate updates and share reports.
  • Define new, ad hoc reports.
  • Update and customize predefined reports in seconds.
  • Share reports in both .PDF and .Excel formats.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting becomes not as complicated and time consuming as it used to be. Logsign provides all compliance requirements to all relevant government and industry regulations such as PCI DSS, FISMA, SOX, ISO 27001, 5651, NERC, GLBA and HIPAA.

Predefined compliance reports and ability to automate them, accelerates compliance reporting.

  • Digital certificate integration.
  • Time stamp authority integration (Turktrust, Digistamp etc.).
  • Data policy manager.
  • Digital hashing.
  • Long term data archiving.
  • Data retention policy.
  • Data restriction.