Phishing Attacks

The primary objective behind phishing attacks is to trick the victims into sharing sensitive or confidential information such as corporate network credentials, credit card information, email credentials, etc. Attackers employ social engineering techniques to manipulate their targets into clicking on a malicious link or downloading a malicious file. At times, attackers disguise themselves as a trusted individual or organization for manipulating the victims into voluntarily revealing confidential information. If a phishing attempt has been successful and the organization has not been able to detect it, the extent of potential damages widens substantially.

How to prevent phishing attacks with Logsign SOAR


Business Process Analysis

It may take a security analyst up to 45 minutes to deal with a phishing attack. Logsign SOAR cuts down this time consumption to 1-2 minutes.



With the help of Logsign SOAR, your security team can automate close to 90% of tasks for detecting and responding to phishing emails. It requires minimal efforts from your SOC team and overall mean time to response (MTTR) is significantly decreased. The SOAR platform detects phishing emails in a matter of few seconds and if needed, categorizes a set of emails for manual review by the security team.

Other SOAR Use Cases