In-Depth Visibility, Increased Awareness and Real-Time Response:
LOGSIGN SIEM Is Now Available on the Azure Marketplace

Logsign proudly announces that our customers now have the opportunity to deploy Logsign on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. As a next-gen, all-in one SIEM solution, Logsign primarily focuses on security intelligence, log management and easier compliance reporting for cloud, physical and virtual environments. In addition, Logsign unifies the view and monitoring of cloud and on-premises environments, and increases awareness via smartly designed, security-oriented dashboards.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Logsign can help customers experience decreased server and scalability costs. For example, Logsign on Microsoft Azure lets existing and potential customers monitor their systems through a user-friendly, all-in- one platform. Additionally, Microsoft Azure provides enterprise-grade security and can enable cost efficiencies as Logsign expands.

“Logsign is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to help address the challenges of the SIEM market. We are happy to make this user friendly, flexible, and scalable SIEM solution available to our users with Microsoft Azure,” claims Logsign Co-Founder and CEO, Veysel Ataytur.

Andrea Carl, director, commercial communications, Microsoft Corp. said, “We are happy to welcome Logsign to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The global scale and enterprise-proven capabilities of the Microsoft Azure platform help to enhance benefits of Logsign’s solutions for our mutual customers.”

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About Logsign

As a next-gen, all-in- one SIEM solution, Logsign provides clear understanding of machine data and enables reliable, actionable insights in real time.

Logsign’s core features are Log and Event Data Centralization, Event Mapping, Real-Time Correlation and Historical and Real-Time Analysis. Deployment is easy, available within a week, and is scalable even in large organizations. Subsequently, collecting all logs from various sources, Logsign correlates them all to detect anomalies and threats, even with historical data in real time. Logsign triggers real-time alerts by sms or emails and and responds automatically to improve security.