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What is a SOAR platform?

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) is a state-of-the-art cybersecurity tool that allows security teams to collect data from multiple sources, automate responses to repetitive or similar threats, and minimize response time in security events that require human intervention. Incorporating SOAR to a SOC increases efficiency and enables your cybersecurity professionals to focus on important alerts instead of mundane, low-risk alerts. Moreover, SOAR offers an efficient platform for communication, prioritizing and gathering know-how.

What is SOAR used for?

As a proficient security tool, SOAR is used for a wide range of purposes including but not limited to improving productivity and efficiency, enhancing time management capabilities of your cybersecurity team, coming up with more flexible solutions to your security needs, cutting down costs, automating incident response, supporting collaboration of multiple individuals or teams, minimizing incident response time, collecting and sharing know-how, prioritizing security events.

What is SOAR analysis?

SOAR Analysis is a robust tool that allows you to detect the strengths of your organization’s security posture. SOAR Analysis diverges from other similar tools and processes due to its focus on the positive. Instead of highlighting the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of your organization, SOAR analysis rewards efficiency while motivating your team to work together and take action.


SOAR and SIEM are not two rival tools that can replace one another. Instead, they are complementary technologies and together, they significantly enhance the security posture of your organization. The scope of SIEM is limited to detecting suspicious activity and generating alerts. On the other hand, SOAR utilizes pre-defined playbooks for automating incident response using available tools and techniques, allows prioritization, eases communication between people and teams. Moreover, SOAR decreases response time in events where human intervention is necessary.

How does SOAR platform work?

SOAR aims to help organizations implement advanced defense-in-depth capabilities through comprehensive data aggregation, standardization, smooth workflow, detailed analytics and case management. SOAR heavily relies on inbuilt playbooks to automate incident response. A playbook is a set of rules that gets triggered when the required conditions are satisfied. Using playbooks, security teams can automate responses for common incidents. Over time, they can improvise these playbooks for better results.

Why do I need SOAR, if I have SIEM?

SIEM and SOAR complement one another. When used together, SIEM and SOAR solutions improve the efficiency of your cybersecurity team while allowing them to come up with better incident responses. SIEM offers thorough data collection which is essential to any SOC while SOAR allows SOC to address the alert load better through automatization, thus your cybersecurity team can spend their time on skill-based tasks instead of mundane, low-risk security incidents. In addition, SOAR offers an efficient platform that allows coordination and communication of people and teams, sharing know-how and prioritizing. That is why SOAR decreases response time even in events where human intervention is needed.