About Us

Discussing SIEM solutions and realizing that alternatives were complex to deploy and use and also high priced for the market, we initiated the development of a solution with a better price/ performance ratio and believed that we could get it right and on time. As a consequence, Logsign was born in 2010.

Today Logsign is a full feature, all-in-one SIEM solution unifying Security Intelligence, Log Management and Compliance applied in various industries. Smartly designed NoSQL and HDFS embedded architecture enables effective storage, clustering and fast access to both stored and live data. Logsign is vertically and horizontally scalable. Easy to deploy within a week, its user-friendly platform backed up by a diligent technical support team provides customers with a reliable solution and one of the highest ROI in today's SIEM market.

Hundreds of SMBs and more than 400 local and global enterprises have already deployed Logsign since 2012. Our community of satisfied customers is growing day by day as we continue with our focus on delivering real added value for our customers.

Trusted by 400+ Companies