What is SOAR?

20.04.2021 Read
What Does SOAR Provide You?

If an individual wants to acquire information about cyber security, or cyber security tools in general, coming across SOAR is inevitable. Since the SOAR abbreviation is all over the place, the importance of it is also easy to recognize. What makes SOAR crucial for cyber security then?

In order to answer this question, the full name of the tool should be addressed. SOAR stands for Security Orchestration Automation and Response. The name is somehow self-explanatory but to grasp the full impact of the tool, it is not enough. The term orchestration should be unveiled and the role of both automation and responsivity for cyber security have to be understood. Therefore, the SOAR definition is more than just a name.

Cyber security orchestration is the cooperation of any channel that directly contributes to cyber security, including teams, tools, software or devices. To be more precise, it can be claimed that orchestration is the collaboration of a human source and cyber security tools like SIEM and SOAR. This way, they can strengthen the security posture of a security network co-jointly. Eventually, orchestration brings technology, people and processes together.

Moving on, security automation must be illuminated to understand the meaning of SOAR deeper. According to this article by Forbes, cyber security automation will inevitably be of the future of the cyber security industry. This is because automation enables analysts to acquire a more efficient workflow. Not only that - it also reduces mean time to detect and mean time to response (MTTD and MTTR) exponentially. It allows incident management to be operated easier and with further precision. Thus, by eliminating manual processes, automation plays a vital role in cyber security and is an essential part of SOAR.

Finally, cyber security response is the last component of SOAR. Being able to answer many incidents day by day is quite burdening for security analysts. Yet, the tools with EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) that quicken the detection and blocking of threats constitute a valuable answer. They are able to ease the process for the analysts with some faster and more extensive detection and response opportunities. SOAR tools not only detect faster, but they can also accelerate the response process. The tool itself handles the incident response plan and event management, allowing the analysts to manage their operations and responding to threats easier.

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The overall framework of how SOAR managed detection and response along with orchestration and automation is hereby underlined. However, these are only the working principles of the tool, and they are not adequate to cover other obvious advantages of it. The next step is to uncover other positives that SOAR introduces to organizations and their cyber security operations.

What Does SOAR Provide and Promote?

First of all, SOAR enables organizations to save up by automating time-consuming tasks. The reason is simple - organizations don’t have to spend on getting another security analyst employed. Plus, the tool boosts the efficiency of the analysts’ workflows. This directly contributes to the financial strength and thus, improves the overall performance of the organization.

Another plus value that SOAR security solutions promote is the flow and transparency of information. For example, this article by SecurityIntelligence states that SOAR enhances the communicativeness of SOC teams both internally and externally. Through a customizable workbench, all the information that an analyst needs can be displayed on a single screen. In addition, it can build an internal cyber data lake to conserve critical information to be used whenever in need. Afterward, this information can be utilized either manually or automatically for creating insights.

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Even more, SOAR is able to do threat hunting which provides proactivity to the organizations. The tool enriches the threat intelligence data and foresight of possible dangerous scenarios. Thus, advanced threat detection alerts the teams to be more future-ready and sustains preparedness. This whole process is threat hunting and is strictly essential for resiliency and a strong cyber security posture.

Finally, there’s been an interesting debate on whether organizations should adopt SIEM tools or a SOAR. This is somehow misunderstood since these tools are not designed to replace one another. They specialize in different aspects of cyber security so their functionalities don’t overlap. Thus, it is not reasonable to make comparisons like SOAR vs SIEM. Moreover, those tools can actually be synergistic, meaning SIEM and SOAR can work together to combat cyber threats by complementing each other. Thus, SOAR working with SIEM enhances security operations and eases the workflows of security teams.


SOAR is an advanced cyber security tool that carries out many important operations both with the security teams and by itself. Through automation, orchestration and incident detection and response, it disburdens analysts and strengthens cyber security postures and incident response teams of organizations.

In addition, the SOAR platform provides and promotes budget-friendly solutions along with communicativeness among the teams. Plus, it enables proactivity and resiliency through its abilities and works co-jointly with SIEM tools to enhance cyber security operations. Finally, with all these advantages, it is a vital teammate of many organizations in their cyber security management processes.

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